Attitude/behavior/effort reflection sentence starters

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I have approached each of my classes with the same ___________ attitude.

My overall attitude toward my school work this 1st trimester has been _____________.

I understand that my attitude will reflect in my grades and for the 1st trimester my attitude was ______.

One thing I can do to change my attitude towards school is to take a completely different outlook on the purpose of school.

A specific area that I am looking to modify for the 2nd trimester is _________________.

One change that I can make that I’m sure will make a positive difference is ______________________.

Some changes that I believe will make me a better student will be to ___________________________.

In class my behavior has been ___________________________________.

I realize that my behavior in class has been _________, however, with the start of the 2nd trimester I am ___________________.

Each morning we state the school pledge which states in part, “Everything I do and say affects others.” My behavior in class has _____________________ affected my classmates.
Download 25.95 Kb.

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