Attendees: Dani Michels, Ron Rowe, Patty Sweitzer, Cheryl Weisensel, Jim Zirbel, Mike Schwartz, Dick Pearson, Barb Milan, Lorelle Micklitz Item #1: Call to Order

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Meeting Minutes

IFMA Executive Committee Meeting

Meeting of Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Location: Urban Land Interests, 10 E. Doty

7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

Attendees: Dani Michels, Ron Rowe, Patty Sweitzer, Cheryl Weisensel, Jim Zirbel, Mike Schwartz, Dick Pearson, Barb Milan, Lorelle Micklitz
Item #1: Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 a.m. at Urban Land Interests. Mike Schwartz and Cheryl Weisensel motioned to approve last month meeting minutes at 7:40 a.m.

Item #2 Officer Reports

  • Secretary (Patty Sweitzer)

It was noted that the secretary needs to scan the meeting notes and the financial information as a pdf scan and forward to COW.

  • Treasurer (Cheryl Weisensel)

Cheryl is operating a laptop the chapter purchased in 2004. The laptop is old and needs more memory. We should probably think about budgeting for a newer technology laptop during next budget planning year.
Cheryl is worried, no funds coming in right now. Balance $10,290.00 in checking. We do have reserve. The average reserve funds need at least $32,000.00 but were at $27,000.00. The lunch funds start coming in during the month of January 2012.
Financially, we are still doing well, trying to build reserve is hard, spending more than were taking in.
CFM review class, if agreed upon SE subsidy $346.67 and Madison $1,190.00. We won’t write ourselves a check. NE chapter will get the extra manual.
Ron Rowe wife not thrilled about reviewing Madison Chapter financials. We don’t have funds right now to pay someone to do this audit. Dani asked Cheryl if we need to budget for this type of service. Cheryl said it doesn’t have to be that formal. We could get three people – unbiased individuals from chapter. Dani Michels and Dick Pearson volunteered. We need one more person. We could possibly ask Gene Post. Cheryl will work it out.
Any questions on spend sponsorship. There is $1000.00 we budgeted for annual event for this year but won’t use it until next year. We are $1700.00 ahead. Motion to approve Treasurer Report came from Mike Schwartz and Dick Pearson.
HOLIDAY Party – December 14th at Capital Brewery - Cheryl could donate 1 turkeys to Chuck and a check for $150.00

  • VP (Mike Schwartz)

The tri-chapter accord conference call meeting is scheduled for tomorrow. Goal is to have something authorized and approved by end of month.
Officer agreements signed and sent to COW.
Leadership conference call today at 2:00 p.m. Dani will attend.
Tri-Chapter representatives needed for NEW chapter. Mike gave Cindy and Kyle as a reference.
Lambau Field chosen as venue, event scheduled for May 2012, there was some discussion about obtaining a shuttle bus or pool cars from Madison for event.

  • Immediate Past President (Jim Zirbel)

Christmas Party December 14th, do we want to have a fund raiser? Need to determine.

Chuck Fox would like to step down as Community Crew chair.
WWP social report; Jeff Toffle is now director of Foundation, no more Will. Jim distributed a playing card to each states chapter leader with Skill USA information. This was Jim’s way of propelling skills USA forward.

  • Talent Scout (Karyn Biller)

No report

  • Sponsorship Task Force (Barb Milan & Lorelle Micklitz)

There is one more meeting until sponsorship drive.
The team was approached by the membership squad to come up with door prizes for the Discover IFMA event. There was much confusion over types of prizes and a misunderstanding between the teams. Prizes vs. gift certificates? Dani expressed to the sponsorship team they went above and beyond and she is very appreciative. Dani will talk with membership squad.
Discussion ensued about the $1000.00 budget for sponsorship plaques. This budget figure will not cover costs to issue plaques to everyone. What other alternatives to we have. The sponsorship lunch came in lower than budget. Can we use these dollars to offset costs? Should we issue certificates in frames and give them a card they would be required to complete in order to receive the plaque? They did this in previous years; most sponsors never completed the form so plaques weren’t ordered.
Need to raise $21,000.00 next sponsorship drive. We need a committee member to join team. Jean Barry used to handle the spreadsheets and can’t do it anymore. Barb will write up a description of duties for the potential new committee member and it will be communicated at next meeting.

  • President (Dani Michels)

Mentorship, how do we work it? Associate to Associate and Professional to Professional, yes this is how it should go.
Frequency of email blasts. Agreed 2 or 3 before each event. Should depend on event. Discover IFMA needs more, 2-3 for tours; 1-2 programs (Luncheon)
Report synergy meeting, many things get discussed.


Press release schedule

Discover IFMA

Sponsorship Drive

More meetings to follow – next one are programs and tours.

Councils discussed at facility fusion. Would like to move forward with the idea to create what HQ does with council but on a chapter level. Members would create and run their own professional casual/local basis; a way to talk shop within their profession. The details need to be worked out. Calling it a council would be formal - could we call it a fellowship. Do we have any members who are on a council at the International level? It was decided the discussion would end here as we have enough going on right now. This topic is tabled for now.

  • Show and Go (Ron Rowe & Jon Schneider)

Luncheon: Pete Churchin – paperwork, report on projects

Facility tour: Edgerton

  • Lunch Bunch (Rob Kritz & Jim Burke)

Not in attendance – NEED TO discuss and finalize meal ticket costs and determine if costs should increase. The prepaid lunch program rolls out January 2012

  • Member Squad (Roberta Montague & Emily Rowe)

Discover IFMA taking shape. It will be held on November 17th at Tri-North in Fitchburg. MC, speakers, agenda created. Event starts @4:30 pm Networking, 5:30 p.m. tour. 6:30 p.m. program.

  • Board of Education (Cindy Torsveidt & Kyle Roux)

Not in attendance. See attached meeting notes.

  • News Crew (Jennifer Hardebeck)

Newsletter submissions need to be faster!!!!

  • IFMA 2.0 (Dick Pearson & Nathan Hanson)

On-line calendar / members only section needs to be published at luncheon. Members need to visit the website and add information about them.

  • New School (Larry Barton & Tom Riffle)

No report

  • Team PR (John Desens & Brian Hoffman)

No report

  • Birdie Brigade (Kim Keister)

No report

  • Community Crew (Chuck Fox)

No report

  • Sustainability Liaisons (Matt Darga & Leah Samson-Samuel)

Schedules in newsletter – will blast meeting ways and means.

  • Old Business – None

  • New Business – Lunch Bunch needs to send spreadsheet of who paid at door so COW can reconcile.

  • The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 a.m. with a motion by Barb and Cheryl with a unanimous vote.

Respectfully Submitted:

Patty Sweitzer, Secretary


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