Atrocious adj extremely or shockingly wicked, cruel, or brutal augury

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Recalling Facts

1. Slave masters wanted slave women to ________.

a. love their children.

b. educate their children.

c. have children

2. The narrator couldn’t recall his mother ________.

a. visiting at his grandmother’s.

b. ever visiting him.

c. loving him.

3. The narrator saw his mother mostly _________.

a. at night

b. in the morning.

c. during the summer.

4. The narrator’s mother worked for ________.

a. herself

b. Mr. Stewart

c. Colonel Lloyd

5. The penalty for failing to show up for work on time was .

a. lost privileges.

b. confinement.

c. a flogging.
Understanding the Passage
6. To the master, slave women were _______.

a. unproductive

b. completely helpless

c. like farm animals

7. The narrator ________.

a. accepted the conditions of slavery

b. could barely control his rage

c. never saw his mother

8. The narrator’s mother ________.

a. truly loved him

b. felt indifference towards him

c. argued with the overseer

9. Slaves usually traveled by ________.

a. horse

b. mule

c. foot

10. Overseers of slaves were __________.

a. hardhearted

b. well-meaning

c. easily bribed

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