Atrocious adj extremely or shockingly wicked, cruel, or brutal augury

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  1. corp – body

Example words: corporation, corporal, corpulent, corpse

  1. deca – ten

Example words: decade, decathlon, decadent

  1. extra – beyond

Example words: extrajudicial, extraterrestrial, extraordinary

  1. - able, - ible able, can, do

Example words: charitable, inconceivable, veritable, susceptible

  1. - al relating to

Example words: external, refusal, choral, communal

Name ______________________________

Date ___________________ Period _____

10th Grade Vocabulary Study – Unit 3
I. Sentence Completion and Context Clues: Use the context clue(s) to determine which word

from your list best completes each sentence. Write your answer neatly on the line. Spelling and

capitalization DO count!
1. Robin Hood was a __________________________who led a group of men to rob from the rich

and give to the poor.

2. The ________________________chap stick made Ursula’s chapped lips feel smooth.

3. The girl was the _________________________ of the bully’s hard punch.

4. The student _________________________(ed) the assignment by using sloppy handwriting.

5. The patrons will _________________________ Netflix until the company lowers their prices.

6. Another name for a class clown is a ___________________________ because he likes to pull

tricks on others in a poor attempt to make them laugh.

7. “_______________________the horse, do not ride side-saddle,” said the trainer to the little girl.

8. My aunt always sends me __________________________, or ugly ornaments for Christmas.

9. The player saw his shattering a baseball as an ___________________ that they will win the game.

10. My grandfather used to _________________________baseball cards with his friends until he

received the player he wanted.

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