Atlas ti 28 Release date: 2012-10-30 New, Fixed and Improved: Included one-time notification about atlas ti 7 Spurious survey import failure pdf floating point exception with certain documents atlas ti 27

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ATLAS.ti 6.2.28

Release date: 2012-10-30

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Included one-time notification about ATLAS.ti 7

  • Spurious survey import failure

  • PDF floating point exception with certain documents

ATLAS.ti 6.2.27

Release date: 2011-09-01

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Save comments without confirmation when switching items in hierarchical managers (e.g., ObjectExplorer)

  • Set focus to primary document pane when loading a PD via drop-down list. This removes the annoying switch to the next PD when pressing the cursor up/down keys. Press the shift-key simultaneously if you want to use the cursor keys for browsing through the PDs.

  • New code-by-list button in code manager lets you code the current selection with the selected codes (as an alternative to drag & drop)

  • New bullet icons for the HTML export

  • Wordcruncher failed when one document was not available

  • Autocoding: Fixed anomalies when filtering or deleting codes while autocoding was processed with confirm.

  • Crashes with some multimedia documents

  • Startup failure due to missing code page in rare circumstances

  • Family assigner bug

ATLAS.ti 6.2.25-6.2.26

Release date: 2011-07-01

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Extreme Wordcruncher performance boost

  • Streamlined workflow for creating Wordcruncher tables (default folder, automatic naming)

  • Increased performance dramatically when opening family managers in large HUs (calculating the quotation count was the devil)

  • Increased performance with super codes

  • Reduce extreme click synchronization between tools (a single click in one window could easily destroy a selection in another)

  • Import KMZ files more robustly (some were prematurely rejected)

  • PDF: hefty scrollbar movement could cause crash

  • Reject unloadable PDFs from Coding Analyzer procedure

  • A-Docs F4 import

  • Assign of documents with DBCS path failed

  • Ensure valid path for GE 3D screenhots

  • Create TRUNCATED code during survey import only when needed

  • Adding SynchroSequences failed while merging

ATLAS.ti 6.2.24

Release date: 2011-06-08

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • During HU merge free quotation comments were ignored

  • Self-repair for invalid supercodes

  • XML export did not ask for including pds and quotations

  • Exception in synchro-player when a multimedia document is not loadable and it tries to indicate a position.

  • Coding-Analyzer did not work with PDF quotations when PD was not loaded before

  • Surveys: extreme performance boost (from days to minutes)

  • Storage optimized import for large tables

  • Incremental column imports

  • Truncation handling with native Excel files

  • Display codes in quotation manager column

  • XSL style sheet "codes with comments" now displays complete quotations

ATLAS.ti 6.2.20-6.2.23

Release date: 2011-03-25

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Empty window for Word documents with non-ANSI characters in there filename

  • Audio quotation could exist twice when created with different buttons

  • Family Assigner threw an error

  • Survey Import protection violation

  • Merging HUs with A-Docs created a large number of redundant synchro lists (fattening the HU)

  • Signed postprocessor.exe hopefully keeps Kaspersky calm

  • Cleaned up and unified all textual reports

  • Background info display for multi media docs much nicer ...

  • Provision for starting ATLAS.ti in Safe Mode

  • Cooc table label less Under Construction

ATLAS.ti 6.2.19

Release date: 2011-02-22

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Enter document edit mode when creating an internal document

  • Ctrl-A now selects ALL PDF pages when in continuous page mode

  • Improved handling of missing ressources for comments and memos (USB stick removed during work, etc)

  • Recognize and reject HU with manipulated file extension

  • Autocoding on non-loaded PDFs

  • Family Assigner faulted when changing items while tool was open

  • Windows moved to a secondary monitor did not display (well, they did in the area of the other monitor ...) in primary monitor area when secondary monitor was detached

  • Network editor: display fixes (PD names not displayed, links not drawn after creating codes within the NWE)

ATLAS.ti 6.2.18

Release date: 2011-01-27

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Positioning certain WAV files failed

  • Stack overflow error with A-Docs

  • Survey import for CSV files failed

  • Display of PD nodes in network views suppressed text with certain style combination

  • Replace incompatible fonts in networks

  • Save HU freshly created via shell menu

  • Improved overall stability

  • Delay creation of 3-D Google Earth views to not include the menu in the image

ATLAS.ti 6.2.17

Release date: 2011-01-11

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Performance in network editors (nodes were updated rather slowly, e.g. when changing their color)

  • Ressource problem in network editors (error occurred occasionally with many nodes)

  • In-place renaming network nodes editor frame fixed

  • XML converter problem: now hard-wired the encoding for XML output to UTF-8

  • Error when double-clicking on some links in network editor

  • Auto-coding first search error fix

  • Save HU problem fixed (rare)

  • New comments for existing entities did not set the HU modified so that you could leave the session without being forced to save the HU.

  • PDF with specificly coded pages could produce a "divide by zero" error

  • Significantly faster load times for DOC and RTF files.

ATLAS.ti 6.2.16

Release date: 2010-12-09

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • PDF fix for out of range legacy quotations

  • display quotation count in family and netview browsers

  • reset code label color to default by chosing black (all network nodes were black!)

  • improved language locales display for Chinese under XP and improved sys report

  • XML/XSL Converter ignored all stored XML files, always used the displayed HU.

  • Fixed utf-8 coding issue with XML (BOM was missing) and XML/XSL generated HTML (missing utf-8 header)

ATLAS.ti 6.2.15

Release date: 2010-11-29

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • DOC converter optimization set to false as default (garbled text with "better" converter in some cases.

  • Stop nagging admministrative users during update when this is their common account.

  • Permanent resorting PDF quoations to text flow could create an error

  • Volume type description added to sys report

ATLAS.ti 6.2.14

Release date: 2010-11-19

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • PDF fixed migration of page spanning quotations

  • Survey import process Excel dates correctly

  • DOC converter selection optimization led to garbled text in some cases. User can switch this off in Gen. Prefs.

  • Margin area bracket display optimized again (modified color wheel, larger comment marks, improved gradient for selections)

  • Correctly check for removed drives when trying to save a HU needing access to previous content

  • Report Unicode file names correctly

ATLAS.ti 6.2.13

Release date: 2010-11-11

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • PDF converter dialog displays old selections correctly, improved handling

  • Survey import checks for bad cell format

  • Margin area bracket display optimized

  • Languages offered by locales menu extended

  • Improved reporting for installed text converters

ATLAS.ti 6.2.12

Release date: 2010-11-05

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Survey import offset by 1 case

  • Family Assigner double-click now loads PD

  • Node rendering overlapping icon with text

  • Remember gradient node rendering

  • DBCS languages should now display the right font immediately

  • Improved error reporting

  • Fixed password bug that made HUs not savable in some rare cases

ATLAS.ti 6.2.11

Release date: 2010-11-05

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Survey Import

  • New PDF Engine

  • Font Themes

  • Embedded Documents

  • Family Assigner

  • XML refreshed

  • New looks

  • and much more: see here for details

ATLAS.ti 6.1.17

Release date: 2010-08-09

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Some PDFs were not loadable

  • Double-click on links in network editors popped up comments as one long ugly line

  • Minor bugs

ATLAS.ti 6.1.16

Release date: 2010-06-17

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Fixed: Problems that were introduced with 6.1.15

  • Finally: A-Docs now synchronize correctly when a transcript PD was edited.

ATLAS.ti 6.1.15

Release date: 2010-06-14

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Some HUs with A-Docs threw an error after updating to 6.1.14

ATLAS.ti 6.1.14

Release date: 2010-06-11

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Updated QuickTour

  • Fixed: A-Docs edit-session and synchronization patch

  • Error handler for missing (required) PDF catalog type entry

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes with doc converter, leaving doc edit session with discard

ATLAS.ti 6.1.13

Release date: 2010-05-11

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • opening the general preferences a second time was possible and resulted in ATLAS.ti not exiting cleanly

  • weird state of the main pane when discarding changes after editing a primary document

  • fixed a spurious memory problem when opening DOC files

ATLAS.ti 6.1.12

Release date: 2010-04-27

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Display families in object managers: Switch to details view. The column with families will be the last column. You may drag it to a more appropriate position.

  • PDF problem with freezing screen fixed

  • fixed: issue when searching in a textless PDF

  • calculating memory size more precisely

ATLAS.ti 6.1.11

Release date: 2010-02-23

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Renumber quotations according to their document position (either from menu Documents|Miscellaneous or Quotations|Miscellaneous)

  • Fixed significant performance bug when merging large HUs and rearranged the merge workflow (load source HU AFTER confirming the merge strategy)

  • New samples (Jack the Ripper) matching the new quick tour: Open Help menu Quicktour

  • Create merge report with non-proportional font for better alignment

  • Code-PD table with total count = 0 created an error

  • Improved feedback during Autocoding

ATLAS.ti 6.1.10

Release date: 2010-02-04

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • CopyBundle: select only current filtered PDs for a bundle (press CTRL when clcking the exclude docs button)

  • Assign PD to A-Docs association fixed

  • PDF compatibility test failed in some cases

  • Cooccurrence Explorer error with quotationless PDs

  • Processor cache problem (very rare)

  • Misc stream optimizations

  • Networks: spurious error when un/linking objects

  • Preliminaries for new PDF engine to be released with 6.2

  • Preliminaries for Smart PDs to be released with 6.2

ATLAS.ti 6.1.9

Release date: 2009-12-11

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Fixed bugs that crept in with Google Earth 5.1 (3D Snapshots, navigating GE quotations)

  • SPSS increased field width fixes restriction to amount of quotations

  • Code-PD Table failed with totals = 0

  • streamlined internal font management

ATLAS.ti 6.1.8

Release date: 2009-11-20

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Fixed "last month" object filter

  • Fixed load performance leak for HUs with large networks

  • Swapped tool bar icons for horizontal and vertical centered alignment in network editor tools

  • Visualize "rename" mode when in-place editing items in themargin area

ATLAS.ti 6.1.7

Release date: 2009-11-13

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • A-Docs tool now handles new F4 import format

  • Fixed stack error with network views displayed in margin (nws containing nws as nodes crashed the system when trying to calculate their quotations)

  • Inform network view manager and margin area about quotation changes - could still be better ...

  • Draw networkViews and families correctly in NWE (didnt draw shadow when using GDI+)

  • Draw NWE nodes in light paper back color

  • New object filters: This month, Last month

  • Extended Systemreport

  • Prepared startup sequence for future server operation

ATLAS.ti 6.1.6

Release date: 2009-10-23

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Modifying quotation bounds could result in corrupted HUs in rare cases: selecting a HU in one PD, then switching to another PD of another type (e.g., from PDF to plain text), then making a new selection and press Modify). This HU after being saved would not be loaded again.

  • PDF rendering failed with certain underspecified PDF documents and created subsequent floating point errors.

  • Cooc Table memory was not released when closing the browser

  • Zoom menu from HU Editor status window now also pops up with right-click

ATLAS.ti 6.1.5

Release date: 2009-10-09

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • fonts set via preferences were not applied to network editor

ATLAS.ti 6.1.4

Release date: 2009-10-02

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • auto coding back again - failed after last update

  • displayed co-occurrency calculations were too generous

  • storage procedures revised for added robustness

ATLAS.ti 6.1.3

Release date: 2009-09-18

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • cooc table export Excel + ctrl key = best pairs report

  • reduced number of decimal places in Excel export to 2

  • XSD scheme based a-doc synchronization lists

  • setting color scheme failed

  • taskbar icon did not update number of open windows correctly

  • inter HU memo drag & drop missed migrating the memo content under certain conditions

  • resource leaks when processing large numbers of PDF documents (e.g. when auto coding)

  • resource leak when opening multiple HU editors

ATLAS.ti 6.1.2

Release date: 2009-09-18

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • cooc table export Excel + ctrl key = best pairs report

  • reduced number of decimal places in Excel export to 2

  • XSD scheme based a-doc synchronization lists

  • setting color scheme failed

  • taskbar icon did not update number of open windows correctly

  • inter HU memo drag & drop missed migrating the memo content under certain conditions

  • resource leaks when processing large numbers of PDF documents (e.g. when auto coding)

  • resource leak when opening multiple HU editors

ATLAS.ti 6.1.1

Release date: 2009-09-08

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • misspelled comp mode dialog when loading A5 HUs

  • fixed instability in entity drop down buttons

ATLAS.ti 6.1.0

Release date: 2009-09-04

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Mixed versions team support: allow users of A6 to exchange projects with A5 users

  • PDF link navigation (internal and external links)

  • A-Docs: Fixed import F4 word files

  • Recognize Windows 7

  • Launching Google Maps from a geo tagged image pd displays a flag at the exact position

  • Storing HUs: Improved stability and performance

  • a few more fixes ...

ATLAS.ti 6.0.23

Release date: 2009-06-12

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Consolidates all add-ons, improvements and fixes since CD/Web Setup release (6.0.12)

  • Brings back HU Merge with slightly modified merge dialog

  • Fixed spurious quote duplication due to quotation merge

ATLAS.ti 6.0.22

Release date: 2009-06-05

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Co-Occurrence Table Browser - Beta\n\nFixed & Improved:

  • PDF selection anomalies with documents containing mixture of portrait and landscape oriented pages

  • Some PDF documents failed to load

  • prevent PDFs being dropped on memo manager

  • Associated Docs: improved handling of A-Docs manager

  • several other fixes

ATLAS.ti 6.0.21

Release date: 2009-05-22

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Network Views Color tool menu:

  • Use (colored label) as node (background) color

  • Use high contrast label - use white instead of black for dark colors\n\nFixed & Improved:

  • PDF speed increase (from last build)

  • Print Networks with colored labels (also fixes metafile copy & paste & save)

  • tabs in code family names could prevent opening any window

  • several other fixes

ATLAS.ti 6.0.20

Release date: 2009-05-15

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • XSLT transformation did not work for some style sheets

  • Reset HU pass word failed

  • some PDF documents dispayed their print margins plus markers making the page look small

  • with other tham 96dpi screen resolution PDFs were not displayed correctly

  • auto coding did only assign quotation names for the selected PD

  • some live update settings did not work

  • several other fixes

ATLAS.ti 6.0.19

Release date: 2009-04-30

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Does NOT yet include the co-occurrence table tool!-(

  • Goto page number in non-textual paged documents (PDF and multi-page TIFFs) using the GOTO line/paragraph tool

  • Display quote index with Display Coordinates option in the margin

  • Use systems hand cursor in network views\n\nFixed:

  • PDF search stopped at end of page in some cases

  • PDF on DBCS systems caused spurious errors when moving the mouse

  • several other fixes

ATLAS.ti 6.0.18

Release date: 2009-04-17

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Compatibility test for PDF files during PD assigment

  • Include code families in quotation reports

  • Snapshot and 3D settings fot Google Earth

  • New menu item to create 3D snapshot files (in PD Assign menu)

  • rich code comments for network nodes were not converted to plain text, thus displaying the rtf tags instead

  • 3D image creation failed

  • show quotations at current cursor pos failed with PDF

  • fancy toolbars sometimes threw a color error

ATLAS.ti 6.0.16

Release date: 2009-04-03

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • links connected wrongly when opening or refreshing network editor

  • nwe rare problem with quotation nodes

  • spurious errors when loading a PD

  • SPSS export failed with PDF PDs (for now using missing values for quotation coordinates)

ATLAS.ti 6.0.15

Release date: 2009-03-27

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • use My Pictures folder for 3D Google Earth images

  • new setting to disable multimedia key support

  • Network Editor: cursor flicker in hand mode

  • error with image PDs

  • blank nodes (after linking or refreshing)

  • inplace node rename rectangle was misaligned

  • double-click on a selected node initiated an in-place edit which removed the comment tip immediately

  • HTML embedded PDs (and replacement text for PDF docs)

  • PDF: mouse over error

  • PDFs with hybrid references failed

  • documentHolder error

  • memos report "y not understood" error

ATLAS.ti 6.0.14

Release date: 2009-03-20

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • network editor hand mode: scroll the network in ANY direction by holding down the CTRL and SHIFT key while dragging with the left mouse button.

  • better resolution of path less file locators in a-doc associations

  • improved import of F4 transcripts created with Word

  • store code colors in HU XML outpput

  • PDF: lost selection when scrolling

  • PDF: fixed scrollbar anomalities

  • PDF: error when moving mouse over certain areas

  • Mac/Parallels: eliminated flicker in margin area (and informed Parallels to fix this bug in a future release).

ATLAS.ti 6.0.12

Release date: 2009-03-06

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • Zoom menu in status window

  • Ctrl-P on selected text plays associated media section for A-Docs

  • Persistent settings for new margin objects (Gen Prefs)

  • Create 3-D images from Google Earth terrain (Hold ctrl-key during Create GE Snapshot)

  • Import nodes in network editor failed

  • Drag & Drop of families into a network editor failed

  • Import neighbors ignored current filter settings

  • PDF quotes did not show their textual contents when required (margin, network)

  • Merging HUs ignored A-Docs specifications

  • insetBy: error when embedding Google Earth

ATLAS.ti 6.0.2

Release date: 2009-02-23

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • New and revised toolbar/menu icons

  • Code color propgation into network editor (see color menu)

  • Performance tuning

  • GoogleEarth quotations deliver textual output

ATLAS.ti 6.0.1

Release date: 2009-02-20

New, Fixed and Improved:

  • AssoDocs improved

  • New and revised toolbar/menu icons

  • Delete deleted from margin area

  • Proximity comparisons of PDF selection (sounds trivial, is complex)

  • Super things (QueryTool, etc.) failed

  • User settings were not persisted (toolbar colors, etc)

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