Atlantic slave trade

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Directions: Access the link found on my webpage under resources to view “The Atlantic Slave Trade” Crash Course World History #24 and answer the questions below. Once finished place the worksheet in the yellow bin .

1. How many Africans were forcibly moved to the Americas?

2. Give three locations that were the destination of African slaves once they crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

3. Explain why more slaves were imported to Brazil over the British colonies.

4. Name three crops that slaves were forced to plant and harvest in the Western Hemisphere.

5. How did Europeans obtain African slaves?

6. Explain the difference between how Africans were and how they were viewed.

7. Compare the selling of slaves as compared to the selling of cattle in the United States.

8. Describe the conditions of slaves living on sugar plantations in Brazil.

9. In your own words, define the term “slavery”.

10. Identify three ancient civilizations that exploited slavery.

12. Which ancient civilization invented plantations?

13. Which holy book was used to justify slavery?

14. Explain Aristotle’s view of slavery.

15. The attitudes that characterized Atlantic slavery were defined by which two European cultures?

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