Athenian Government: Spartan Government

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Athenian Government: Spartan Government:

Democracy Oligarchy (consistently)

2 types:


Tyranny and direct

When a ruler takes over by

Oligarchy force with the support of

the poor.

When wealthy businessmen rule

the government.


When wealthy landowners are in power.


Under the rule of a single ruler, either a king or queen.
Key Points about Athens and Sparta:

  • Both Athens and Sparta had 3 distinct social classes.

  • Athens was more focused on learning subjects such as literature, rhetoric, gymnastics, and music and Sparta was focused on the military amassing a strong army while Athens had a strong navy.

  • Women in Sparta could own property and were supposed to work toward physical fitness whereas in Athens, women were not allowed to own property and were expected to take care of the house and generally only worked in weaving.

Directions: Complete the Venn diagram below comparing Athens and Sparta. Include characteristics on their government, social classes, role of women, and military.

Athens Both Sparta

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