Association of Metropolitan School Districts: Governor Mark Dayton Education Budget Plan-February 2011

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Association of Metropolitan School Districts: Governor Mark Dayton Education Budget Plan-February 2011


Governor Dayton unveiled his 2012-13 biennial budget recommendations on Tuesday, February 15, 2011.  The Governor’s budget plan holds the major funding streams level while increasing the state’s investment in optional, full-day kindergarten.  Importantly, the Governor’s’ budget includes new funding to cover the projected increase of over 14,000 students in our public school system.  The Governor’s budget also funds an early childhood rating system and creates a new Governor’s Excellence in Education Award and a Governor’s Achievement Gap Innovation Fund. 


Overall Funding

The Governor proposes to hold the major funding streams – the basic formula, compensatory, special education, integration, etc. – at current law levels.  The Governor’s budget proposes to provide new funding to cover the projected enrollment increase of over 14,000 students. 

Aid Payment Shift

The budget plan continues the aid payment shift at the 70/30 configuration that has been in effect in the current biennium and proposes to begin paying the shift back in FY 2014.

All Day Kindergarten & Early Childhood Education

  • Governor Dayton proposes to increase funding for full-day kindergarten by creating a new component of General Education revenue beginning in FY 2013.  The new state aid would be based on the number of students eligible for free or reduced price lunches.

  • An appropriation of $2 million would be provided for an early childhood quality rating and improvement system.

New Recognition Programs

  • A Governor’s Excellence in Education Award is established.  This would be a noncompetitive grant program that would recognize schools with outstanding growth in student achievement.  Eligible schools would receive grants and could retain 50% of the grant amount at the school and the other 50% would have to used to provide best practices training and dissemination to other schools.

  • An Achievement Gap Innovation Fund would be established to promote innovative approaches to close achievements gaps.  This would be a competitive grant program.

Eliminated Programs, Grants & Reductions

  • Magnet school grants would be eliminated.

  • Funding for the Explore and PLAN tests would be eliminated.

  • The growth factor for the Adult Basic Education Program would be reduced from 3% to 2%.

  • The Governor proposes that no new school districts be approved for participation in the Q Comp program.  Schools approved by February 1, 2011 would not be impacted.

  • The grandfather clause in the charter school lease aid program would be eliminated.  This allowed some charter schools to receive in excess of the $1,200 per pupil cap.

  • Charter school start up aid is eliminated.

  •  The budget plan reduces the MDE operating budget by $991,000 per year.



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