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Eart 3: Attributenlehre, ist half: Altertum, erlin, 1910.

N. Peters, Die jzidiache Gemeinde von Elephan­tine‑Syene and ihr Tempel im 6. Jahrhundert vor Christi, Freiburg, 1 10.

W. M. F. Petrie, Egypt and Israel, London, 1910.

ITALY: G. Buschbell, Reformation and Inquisition in Italien um die Mitte des XVI. dahrhun­derts, Paderborn, 1910.

P. Villari, Mediaroal Italy from Charlemagne to Henry VIL, London, 1910.

JAINISM: Nyayhvatara: The Earliest Jaina Work on Pure Logic, by Siddha Sena Divakara, Calcutta, 1909.

JESUS CHRIST: C. M. Bishop, Jesus the Worker; Studies in the Ethical Leadership of the Son of Man, London, 1910.

A. Drews, The Christ Myth. Translated from the Third Edition (revised and enlarged) by C. Burns, Chicago and London, 1910.

F. H. Dudden, Christ and Christ's Religion, Edinburgh, 1910.

F. R. M. Hitchcock, Christ and His Critics. Studies in the Person and Problems of Jesus, London, 1910.

A. Niemojewski, Gott Jesus im Lichte fremder and eigener Forschungen samt Daratellung der eroangelischen Astralsto,$'e, Astralszenen and Astralsyateme, 2 vols., Munich, 1910.

JOB: N. Schmidt, The Message of the Poets; the Book of Job and Canticles and some Minor Poems in the Old Testament, New York, 1911.

JOHN THE APOSTLE: E. H. A$kWlth, The Historical Value of the Fourth Gospel, London, 1910.

P. Ferguson, A Month with the Apostle John.

A Study of his First Epistle, London, 1910.

G. T. Jowett, The Apocalypse of St. John; a brief Contribution to the Controversy as to Date and Authority thereof with a short History of its interpretation, New York, 1910.


BOSBUET, J. B.: E. Longuemare, Bossuet et la so­ci4t,6 franfaise sous Is rhgne de Louis XIV., Paris, 1910.

BoURIGNON, A.: A. R. Macewen, Antoinette Bourig­non, Quietist; her Life and Doctrines, New York, 1910.

BowNE, B. P.: C. B. Pyle, The Philosophy of Bor­den Parker Bowne and its Application to the Religious Problem, Columbus, O., 1910.

BROOKS, P.: J. Gregory , Phillips Brooks: A Study for Present‑day Preachers, London, 1911.

BRAanmNIsnI: H. Brunnhofer, Das Buch der hun­dert Pfade (Catapatha Brahmana), die dl­teste Quedde der Ritualwissenschaft, Bern, 1910.

BUDDHISM: T. Richard, The New Testament of Higher Buddhism, New York, 1911.

J. Wettha Sinha, The Singularity o Buddhism, unah Introduction and Notes by . L. Wood­ward, London, 1910.
BURIC.: The Earliest Sources for the Life of Jesus, London, 1910.
BURMA: R. T. Kelly, Burma; the Land and the People, Boston, 1911.

CATHARS~s, AmBROSIUS: J. Schweizer, Ambrosius Catharinus Politus (11,84‑1663), ein Theologe des Reformationzeitalters. Sein Leben and seine Schriften, Munster, 1910.

CHARLES V.: E. Armatrong,The Emperor Charles V., 2 vols., new ed., London, 1910.

CHINA: A. Little, Gleanings from Fifty Years in China. Revised by Mrs. A. Little, London, 1910.

E. H. Parker, Studies in Chinese Religion, New York, 1910.

CHRIBToLOGY: W. Olschewslu, Die Warzeln der paulinischen Christologie, Konigaberg, 1909.

CHURCH HISTORY: H. Appel, Kurzgefasste Kirchen­geschichte fllr Studierende Part 1. Alte Kirchengeschichte, 1909. Part 2. Kirchen­geschichte des Mittelalters, Leipsic, 1910

B. W. Bacon, The Founding of the Church, London, 1910.

F. W. Butler, The Permanent Element in Christianity, London, 1909.

L. David and P. Lorette, Histoire de l'6glise, Paris, 1910.

S. M. Deutsch, Lehrbuch der Kirchengeschichte, Bonn, 1909.

E. A. Edgehill, The S o Power, as seen in the Christian Church in is Second Century, London, 1910.

Canon E. E. Holmes, The Church her Books and her Sacraments, New York, 1910.

W. KMler, Idee and Pers6nlichkeit in der Kirchengeschichte, Tubingen, 1910.

M. Mamtius, Geschichte der lateinischen Litera­tur des Mittdalters, I. Teil: Von Justinian bis zur Mute des 10. Jahrhundert, Munich, 1910.

C. Platts, Pioneers of Faith, London, 1910.

Sir W. M. Ramsay, Pictures of the Apostolic Church, its Life and Thought, Philadelphia, 1910.

K. Sell, Christenthum and Weltgeschichte bis zur Reformation, Leipsic, 1910.

CLEMENT oh ROME: Bruchstucke des ersten Clemena­briefes, ed. F. Rdech, Strasburg, 1910.

ConsENIUs, J. A.: The Great Didactic. Tsanslated into English and edited with biographical, historical and critical Introductions by W. %eatinge, part 1, London, 1910.

COMMON PRAYER, Booa oh: J. H. Benton, The Book of Common Prayer and Books Con­nected with its Origins and Growth; Catalogue

9the Collection of Josiah Henry Benton, oston, 1910.

ConIPARATIvE REmaiow: A. Churchward, The Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man. Being an Explanation of the Evolution of Religious Doctrines from the Eschatology of the ancient E


ftians, London, 1910.

. B. evons, The Idea of God in Early Religions, London, 1910.

CONSCIENCE: T. H. Lipscomb, Conscience and its Culture or through Conscience to Christ, Nashville, Tenn., 1910.

CoosE, G. A.: The Progress of Revelation Sermons chiefly on the Old Testament, Edinburgh, 1910.
CREATION, BABYLONIAN AccoUNTs oh THE: A. Kirchner, Die babylonische %osmogonie and der biblische Sch6pfungsbericht. Eon Beitrag zur Apologie dea biblischen Gottesbegrifea, Munster, 1910.
DANIEL: E. Hertlein, Der Daniel der Rhmerzeit, Leipsic, 1908.

DAN= R. W. Church, Dante, new ed., London, 1910.

F. Flamini, Introduction to the Study of the

Divine Comedy, Boston, 1910. ,,

DEmIAR$: A. Krarup and J. Lindbmk, Acta Pon­tifu;um Danica, vol. iv., 1471‑9.g, Copen­hagen, 1910.

DIoNysIUs: A. B. Sharpe, Mysticism, its true Na­ture and Value. With a Translation of the mystical Theology of Dionysius and of the Letters of Carus and Dorotheus, London, 1910.
DISEASES AND THE HEALING ART: L. Kotelmann, Die Opthalmologie bet. den alien Hebrdern. Aus den alt‑ and neutestamentlichen Schrif­ten wit Beracksichtigung des Talmuds dar­gestellt, Hamburg, 1910.

DIvoRcE: H. J. Wilkens, The History of Divorce and Remarriage. Compiled from Holy Scrip­ture, Church Councils, and Authoritative Writers, London, 1910.

DOBSCHUETZ, E. voN: The Apostolic Age, New York, 1910; The Eschatology of the Gospels, London, 1910.

Docmm, HISTORY OF: G. N. Bonwetsch, Grund­riss der Dogmengeschichte, Munich, 1909.

A. Humbert, Les Origines de la theologie mo­derne. I. La Renaissance de l'antiquW chr& tienne (1460‑1620), Paris, 1910.

DODS, M.: Early Letters of Marcus Dods, London, 1911.


J. H. Snowden The Basalf Beliefs of Christi­anity, New York, 1911.

EGYBT: E. A. W. Budge, Facsimiles of E~ tian

Hieratic Papyri in the 'British M'ZeumTrlt­

ish Museum, 1911.

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