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Works, vols. vii.‑ix., New York, 1911.

NON‑CONFORMISTS: J. Ritson, The Romance of Non­conformity, London, 1910.

NORTH AFRICAN CHURCH: F. Martroye, Genseric. La Conquete vandale en Afrique et le destruc­tion de l'empire d'occident, Paris, 1907.

W. J. S. Simpson, St. Augustine and African Church Divisions, New York, 1910.
OESTERLEY, W. O. E., The Psalms in the Jewish Church, London, 1910.
ORDINATION: T. A. Lacey, A Roman Diary and other Documents Relating to the Papal In­quiry into English Ordinations, London, 1910.
ORGANIZATION: C. G. A. Harnack, Constitution and Law of the Church in the First Two Centuries, New York, 1910.
ORR, J.: The Faith of a Modern Christian, London, 1910.

PALESTINE: W. Harvey and Others, The Church of the Nativity at Bethlehem, London, 1911.

PARABLES: L. G. Broughton, The Kingdom Para­bles and their Teaching, New York and Chicago, 1910.


EGYPTIAN EXPLORATION FUND: E. Neville, The Eleventh Dynasty. Temple at Dear‑el‑Ba­hari. Part II. With Architectural Descrig­tions by Somers Clark. 16th Memoir of the Egyptian Exploration Fund, 1911.
ENGLAND, CHURCH OF: J. F. Kendall, A Short His­tory of the Church of England, New York, 1911.

F. J. Kinsman, Principles of Anglicanism London, 1911.
EPIPHANIUs: K. Holl, Die handschrifdiche Ueberlie­ferung des Epiphanius (Ancoratus and Pan­arion), Leipsic, 1910.

EPISCOPACY: D. Stone, Episcopacy and Valid Orders in the Primitive Orders in the Primi­tive Church. A Statement of Evidence, New York, 1910.


ETHICS: T. C. Hall, History of Ethics within Organ­ized Christianity, London, 1910.

EUSEBIUS OF C.ESAREA: Eusebii Hieronymi epis­tula!. Pars I. Epiatula' I. LXX., ed. I. Hil­berg, Vienna, 1910.

ESORCIsM: F. J. D51ger, Der Exorzismus im alt­christlichen Taufritual. Eine religionsge­schichtliche Studie, Paderborn, 1909.

EzRA‑NEHEMIAH: J. Theis, Geschichtliche and literarkritische Pragen in Esra i‑vi., in Ab­handlungen, alltestamentliche, vol. ii., part 4, Munster, 1910.

FAITH: J. G. W. Herrmann, Faith and Morals. 1. Faith as Ritschl defined it; 2, The Moral Law as understood in Romanism and Pro­testantism, London, 1910.

J. Lindsay, The Psychology of Belief, London, 1910.

GARvIE, A. E.: The Christian Certainty amid the Modern Perplexity, London, 1910.

GEIGER, A.: L. Geiger, Abraham Geiger, Leben and Lebenswerk, Berlin, 1910.

GERMANY: W. Konen, Germanenbekehrung. Part

I. Die Heiden ~~r,ed%gt and der Germaltenbe­

kehrung, DUsseTdorf, 1910.

GOSPELS: W. M. F. Petrie, The Growth of the Gos­pels as Shown by Structural Criticism, New York, 1910.

T. J. Thoburn, The Resurrection Narratives and Modern Criticism. A Critique of, Prof. Schmiedel's Article in the Enoyclop~dux Bib­lica, London, 1910.

J. M. Wilson, Studies in the Origins and Aims of the Four Gospels, London, 1910.

HALL, F. J.: The Trinity (Dogmatic Theology, Vol. iv.), New York and London, 1911.

HEBREws, EPISTLE TO THE: F. Dibelius, Der ver­f"ser des Hebraerbriefea. Eine Unterauch­ung zur Geschichte des Urchristentums, Stras­burg, 1910.

HEGEL, G. W. F.: The Phenomenology of Mind, 2 vols., Transl., with Introduction and Notes by J. B. Baillae, London, 1910.

HERRMANN, J. G. W.: See FAITH, above.

HEXATEUCH: See below under NAvILLE.

H. M. Wiener, The origin of the Pentateuch, Oberlin, O., 1910.

HINnumm: Brahm Sankar Misra, Discourses on Radhasoami Faith. An Exposition of the Principles of the New Religious Order, Benares, 1910.

HOLY SPIRIT: W. E. Biederwolf, A Help to the Study of the Holy Spirit, New York and Chicago, 1911.

HUGUENOTS: J. Bloundelle‑Burton, The Fate of Henry of Navarre, London, 1910.

HUTTEN, U. VON: D. S. Jordan, Ulrich von Hutten " Knight of the Order of Poets," Boston, 1910.

INNOCENT XI.: F. de Bojani, Innocent XI. Sa cor­re8pondance avec sea rbnces ,g1 Septembre 1676‑31 Dkembre 1679, Rome, 1910.

IsALAH: M. Glazebrook, Studies in the Book of Isaiah, New York, 1910.

ISRAEL, HISTORY OP: D. Chwolson, Beitrdge zur Entwickelu des Judentums Leipsic, 1910.

S. Daisches, j Jews in Baby"ia in the Time of Nehemiah according to Babylonian inscrip­tions, London, 1910.

A. Loisy, The Religion of Israel, New York, 1910.

L. Lucas, Zur Geschichte der Juden in .4. Jahr­hundert, Berlin, 1910.

D. Neumark, Geschichte der jadischen Philoso. phis des Mittelaltzrs mach problemen darge­stellt. Vol. II., part 1. Die Grundprinzipwn;

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