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KANT: F. Pinski, Der h6chsle Standpunkt der Tran­zendental Philosophie. Versuch einer Ver­vollst4ndigung and systematischen Daratellung der letzten Gedanken Immanuel Kants, Halle, 1911.

R. M. Wenley, Kant and his Philosophical Rev­olution, Edinburgh, 1910.

KEMPis, T. 1.: R. Storr, Concordance to the Latin Original of De imitatione Christi, New York, 1910.
KNox, G. W.: The Gospel of Jesus, the Son of God. An Interpretation for the Modern Man, London, 1910.

LEIGHTON, R.: Archbishop Leighton's Practise of the Presence of God: a Tercentenary Volume with Biographical Introduction by D. But­ler, London, 1911.

LITURGY: F. C. Eeles, Traditional Ceremonial and Customs Connected with the Scottish Liturgy, New York, 1910.

T. Schermann, Der liturgische Papyrus von der Balyzeh. Eine Abendmahlsliturgae des Oster­morgens, Leipsic, 1910.

LOBSTEIN, P.: An Introduction to Protestant Dog­matics, Chicago, 1910.

LUKE: B. S. Easton, Linguistic Evidence for the Lucan Source L, in JBL, xxix (1910), 139­180.

LUTHERANS: E. Weber, Der Binfluss der protes­tantischen Schulphilosophie auf die orthodox­lutherische Dogmatik, Leipsic, 1908.

MCCABE, J.: The Evolution of Mind, London, 1910.
MAGIC: T. de Cauzons, La Magic et la sorcellerie en France, Paris; 1910.

MANNING: V. de Marolles, Kardinal Manning, Mainz, 1911.

MAYR: S. Beissel, Geschichte der Verehrung Marias im 16. and 17. Jahrhundert, Freiburg, 1910.

MISSIONS: W. O. Carver, Missions and Modern Thought, New York, 1910.

J. Jackson, Lepers: Thirty‑six Years' Work Among Them. Being the History of the Mis­sion to Lepers in India and the East, 187.4­1910, new ed., London, 1910.

H. F. Williams, In Four Continents; a Sketch of the Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church, U. S., Richmond, Va., 1910.

W. T. Coppin, John Martin; Pioneer, Mission­ary, Hero, and Saint, London, 1911

J. P. Jones, The Modern Missionary Challenge; a Study of the Present Day World Missionary Enterprise; its Problems and Results, New York and Chicago, 1910.

H. C. Mabie, The Task worth while or, the di­vine Philosophy of Missions, Boston 1910.

Alexander Tomory: Indian Missionary, Edin­burgh, 1910.

METHODISTS: G. Alexander, The Doctrines and Dis­cipline of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Nashville, Tenn., 1910.

W. J. Townsend, H. B. Workman, and G. E. Ayres, New History of Methodism, 2 vols., London, 1910.

MOHAMMED, MOHAMMEDANISM: M. Bromhall, Islam in China. A Neglected Problem, London, 1910.

J. Strzygowski, Beitrdge zur Kunstgeschichte des Mittelalters von Nordmesopotamxen, in Ma­teriaux Pour Npigraphie et L'histoire musul­manes du Diyar‑Bekr par M. van Berchem, Heidelberg and Paris, 1910.

MGNABTICI$M: M. Dix, Instructions on the Religious Life. Given to the Sisters of St. Mary, New York and London, 1910.

E. Westermarck, Ursprung and Entwickelung der Moralbegrife, vol. Ii., Leipsic, 1909.

MYTHOLOGY: W. Schmidt, Die Mythologie der austronesischen Volker, Vienna, 1909; idem, Grundlinien einer Vergleichung der Reli­gionen and Mythologien der austronesischen Volker, Vienna, 1910.
NAYILLE, E.: La Dgcouverte de la loi sous le Roi Josias. Une Interpr4tation egyptienne d'un texte biblique, Paris, 1910, Eng. transl., The Discovery of the Book of the Law under King Josiah, London, 1910.

NEBTORIANS: W. A. Wigram, An Introduction to the History of the Assyrian Church; or the Church of the Sassinid Persian Empire, 100­6lf0, A.D., London, 1910.

NESTORIUS: Le Livre d'Heradide de Dumas. Traduit en frangai3 par F. Nau, aver le concurs du R.. P. Bedjan et de M. Bribre. Suivi de texte grec des trois homilies de Nestorius sur les tentations de Notre‑Seigneur et de trois ap­pendices: Lettre d Cosme, Presents envoyt=s d'Alexandrie, Lettre de Nestorius aux habitants de Constantinople, Paris, 1910.
NICtEA: E. A. W. Budge, Texts Relating to Saint Mena of Egypt and Canons of Nicwa in a Nubian Dialect, London, 1910.

NIETZSCHE, F.: S. Friedlander, Friedrich Nietzsche: Eine intellektuelle Biographic, Leipsic, 1911.

D. Halevy, The Life of Friedrich Nietzsche. Translated by J. M. Hone, London, 1911.

A. M. Ludovici, Nietzsche, London, 1910.

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