Associate in Science General Education 45 shc universal General Education Transfer Component

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Associate in Science

General Education - 45 SHC
Universal General Education Transfer Component*

*All General Education Transfer Component Courses will transfer for equivalency credit.
English Composition (6 SHC)

ENG 111 Expository Writing (3 SHC)

ENG 112 Argument-Based Research* (3 SHC)

* Possible course title revision forthcoming

Humanities/Fine Arts (6 SHC)

ART 111 Art Appreciation (3 SHC)

ART 114 Art History Survey I (3 SHC)

ART 115 Art History Survey II (3 SHC)

ENG 231 American Literature I (3 SHC)

ENG 232 American Literature II (3 SHC)

MUS 110 Music Appreciation (3 SHC)

MUS 112 Introduction to Jazz (3 SHC)

PHI 215 Philosophical Issues (3 SHC)

PHI 240 Introduction to Ethics (3 SHC)

Social/Behavioral Sciences (6 SHC)

ECO 251 Principles of Microeconomics (3 SHC)

ECO 252 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 SHC)

HIS 111World Civilizations I (3 SHC)

HIS 112 World Civilizations II (3 SHC)

HIS 131 American History I (3 SHC)

HIS 132 American History II (3 SHC)

POL 120 American Government (3 SHC)

PSY 150 General Psychology (3 SHC)

SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology (3 SHC)

Mathematics 4 SHC)

MAT 172 Precalculus Trigonometry (4 SHC)

MAT 263 Brief Calculus (4 SHC)

MAT 271 Calculus I (4 SHC)

Natural Sciences (8 SHC)

AST 151/151A General Astronomy I (3 SHC) and Lab (1 SHC)

BIO 110 Principles of Biology (4 SHC)

BIO 111 General Biology I (4 SHC)

CHM 151 General Chem. I (4 SHC) and CHM 152 General Chem. II (4 SHC)

GEL 111 Introductory Geology (4 SHC)

PHY 110 Conceptual Physics (3 SHC) and PHY 110A (1 SHC)

PHY 151 College Physics I (4 SHC) and PHY 152 College Physics II (4 SHC)

PHY 251 General Physics I (4 SHC) and PHY 252 General Physics II (4 SHC)

Additional General Education Hours (15 SHC)

Select an additional 15 SHC of courses from courses classified as general education within the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement.

Total General Education Hours Required: 45

Other Required Hours (15 SHC)
Academic Transition (1 SHC)*

ACA 122 College Transfer Success (1 SHC)

*Students must complete 15 SHC prior to enrolling in ACA 122
Select 14 SHC of courses from courses classified as pre-major, elective, or general educations courses within the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement. (Students must meet the receiving university’s foreign language and/or health and physical education requirements, if applicable, prior to or after transfer to the senior institution.)
Colleges may add one additional semester hour of credit in a 61 SHC associate in arts program of study for Work-Based Learning or Academic Student Success (other than ACA 122). The transfer of this hour is not guaranteed.

Total Associate in Science Semester Hours Credit (SHC): 60-61
Directory: sites -> -> files
sites -> Fighting Fit: Exploring Military Medicine (1850-1950)
sites -> 9. 5 Political Powers and Achievements Tom Burns- beacon High School
sites -> Indiana Academic Standards Resource Guide World History and Civilization Standards Approved March 2014
sites -> Penn State Harrisburg American Studies/Women Studies 104: Women and the American Experience Spring 2015 Instructor: Kathryn Holmes
sites -> Penn State Harrisburg am st/wmnst 104: Women and the American Experience Spring 2015 Instructor: Kathryn Holmes
sites -> Abolition and Women’s Rights Chap. 14 Se
sites -> In the years between the Seneca Falls Convention and the Civil War, powerful links existed between antislavery and women’s rights advocates. Virtually all women’s rights advocates supported abolition

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