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Ethnic Harmony and economic development of Malaysia: lessons for Pakistan

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Ethnic Harmony and economic development of Malaysia: lessons for Pakistan

Dr. Mutahir Ahmed


Malaysia is a multi-ethnic and multi-racial state, present a good example of ethnic harmony, communal peace and rapid economic progress. The World Bank classifies Malaysia as an upper middle income developing country.1 Malaysia has progressively passing through the process of state building and nation building.

Pakistan being a multi- ethnic, multi-cultural state, since independence, facing the problems of ethnic and ideological chaos, which resulted in economic turmoil and political instability. The State has outranked the creation of nation, rather than nation preceding the creation of State. Islam (as a political and ideological force) was the so-called binding force which united Eastern and Western parts. After the separation of East Pakistan, Islamic ideology became questionable. Ethnic nationalism emerged from the ashes of East Pakistan crisis. The new Pakistan after 1971 was politically bifurcated on ethnic lines. Later on, military-bureaucratic

establishment over-centralized the State structure of Pakistan, which resulted in political polarization of Pakistani society.

Against this background, Malaysia can be a good case study for Pakistan where Pakistan can learn lessons from the experiences of Malaysia in the field of ethnic harmony and economic. There are many similarities between the two countries. First, both were the former colonies of the British Empire; second, Islam is the dominant religion; third, both countries practice parliamentary form of democracy with semi-authoritarian tradition of governance; and finally the role of State dealing with ethnic problem. A centuries old bond of shard history, culture, beliefs and values unite Pakistan and Malaysia.2. The flags of both countries have a star and crescent, which are the symbols of Islam. Malaysia is a wonderful blend of the traditional and the modern urban metropolises nestled in lush, fertile countryside. Moreover, it s a showcase of natural as well as cultural diversities like Pakistan.

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