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The National Ideology: Rukan Nigara

The1969 general elections hurt the racial unity, which resulted in riots on 13 May 1969. The then government constituted a special committee to formulate national ideology. The riots of 1969 taught many lessons to Malaysian political leadership, but level of poverty played an important role, the rural poverty at that time was forty per cent. The economically less fortunate who had been disgruntled over their fate took the opportunity to use the violent situation to express their anger.26 In this scenario, Rukan Nigara was formulated. The five main objectives are: 1).Achieving the greater unity among the people.2). Maintaining democratic way of life.3). Creating a just society in which the nation’s wealth can be engaged together in a fair and equitable manner.4). Ensuring a liberal attitude towards the rich and diverse cultural traditions.5).Building progressive society which shall be oriented towards modern science and technology.

The principles of Rukan Negara

In order to achieve the five objectives mentioned above, five principles have been set up to guide the behavior and actions of individuals and their inter-relationships within groups. These five principles are:1).Belief in God.2).Loyalty to King and country.3).Upholding the Constitution.4).Rule of Law.5).Decorum and Morality.27Rukan Nigara provided the basis of the role of an individual in society and still contributing the well being of the multi racial society in Malaysia.

Vision 2020
The vision is not a concrete policy but a slogan raised by the government to empower citizens to transform Malaysia into a developed nation. It means not only from economic aspect, but increasing per capita and keeping account of diversity of races, religion, historical and cultural background, customs and eastern values as well.28There are eight challenges behind vision 2020.

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