Assignment on the Killing Fields

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Jennifer Pham

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Assignment on the Killing Fields

Sydney Schanberg and Dith Pran face the tragedy and chaos of war. Dith Pran stays and helps Schanberg to investigate the situation. The Killing Fields led to the Cambodian Genocide such as dehumanization, for example in one of the scene kids were captured and be forced to become soldiers. Many children had been brainwashed and been corrupted by the Khmer Rouge. The Khmer Rouge had demonized in mass murders and treating people with no respect. The economy of Cambodia became a downfall from the spread of communism. In the Killing Fields there was lots of discrimination throughout the movie, such as how Dith Pran been separated from his wife and kids and there was no civil rights. Many civil rights were being taken away from the Khmer Rouge. For those who wore glasses had to be killed and this represents symbolization because it represents that you can read and have education. Much extermination happened during the Cambodian Genocide such as forced labor, mass execution, and internal purges. Children/ Babies been killed by the Khmer Rouge and many people were killed on the boat. Throughout the movie people were forced to work and people lose hope and faith. Organization was prepared for the Khmer Rouge and controls the government which led to many civilians to work throughout the day.

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