Assignment: Natural Selection

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Assignment: Natural Selection
Complete the three topics on natural selection, answer the questions for each topic, and take the quiz on D2L. The topics on natural selection can be accessed with the following link:

Topic 1: Defining Natural Selection

  1. What does “survival of the fittest” really mean?

  2. Is natural selection a random process?

  3. Can individual organisms evolve over their lifetimes?

Topic 2: The Genetic Basis of Variation

  1. What determines the phenotypic variation in a population?

  2. What determines whether or not a particular phenotype is beneficial to an organism?

  3. How would you define the fitness of an organism?

Topic 3: Microevolution: Evolution in a Population.

In this exercise you will play the role of a predator on moths on a tree. Be sure to “eat” the moths for three generations. In other words, continue clicking on the moths until the web site indicates completion of the task by showing you a graph of the number of individuals of each type of moth consumed each generation.

  1. How would you define microevolution? How can you tell if it has occurred?

  2. Does natural selection act on the individual or the population?

  3. Does natural selection act on the genotype or phenotype?

  4. How would you define an “adaptation”?

  5. If 15 individuals in a population are homozygous dominant, 25 are heterozygous, and 10 are homozygous recessive, what is the frequency of the dominant allele?

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