Asking how the executive should be allowed to conduct war masks the fundamental question of whether war should be allowed at all – ensures a military mentality

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Restrict means the aff must define the conditions in which use of armed forces is allowed

Cambridge Dictionary of American English 09


restrict verb [T] to limit (an intended action) esp. by setting the conditions under which it is allowed to happen

Israel Isn’t an Ally

Israel isn’t an ally of the United States because there’s no security pact - that’s our Morrow evidence

The fact that some refer to Israel as an ally means nothing- they’re not

Mark 2K

(Clyde R.-, Oct. 17, Adapted from a report by Congressional Research Service, “Israeli-United States Relations”,

Strategic Cooperation Although Israel frequently is referred to as an ally of the United States, technically Israel may not fall under the definition of "ally" because there is no mutual defense agreement between the two countries. The Reagan Administration considered Israel a "strategic asset" because of Israel's opposition to the Soviet Union. Israel's Defense Minister Ariel Sharon and Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on November 30, 1981, establishing a framework for continued consultation and cooperation to enhance the national security of both countries and confront the Soviet threat. (On December 18, 1981, the State Department announced the "suspension" of the MOU in reaction to Israel's annexing the Syrian Golan Heights.)

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