Asfa/2006/ 40 mexico (unam) report asfa advisory Board Meeting

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ASFA/2006/ 40


ASFA Advisory Board Meeting

(VLIZ, Oostende, Belgium, Sept. 4 – 8, 2006)

1. Institute:

Departamento de Bibliografía Latinoamericana

Subdirección de Servicios Especializados

Edificio Anexo de la Dirección General de Bibliotecas

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Apartado Postal 70-392

México, D.F. 04510, México URL:
2. Board Member:

Marco A. Montes email :

Biologist ph: (52) 55 56223958 / ph: (52) 55 5622 3959

Centro ASFIS-DGB-UNAM fax: (52) 55 5616 1436 / fax: (52) 55 5622 4001

Input: Elba Lázaro email:
3. Input statistics:

Finished records 151

In progress 183

Total number 334

4. Distribution list:

The ASFA-DGB Centre receives one copy of the ASFA CD-ROM for use in its library; we also have access to CSA’s Internet Database Service for all the University buildings in the central campus and also in of-campus facilities.

5. Usefulness:

ASFA is among the ten most consulted databases at UNAM and it is also highly appreciated in all the marine and fishing research institutions of Mexico. The Mexican ASFA center has been recognized as a referral center by the national project e-México and it is expected that this center will participate as a consulting member for the educational and governmental institutions dealing with aquatic activities in Mexico.

6. Monitoring list:

We added just one title: Revista MVZ Córdoba, Colombia

7. Development:

We still continue with the revision of the inputs realized by the Ecuador centre.

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