As you know people doesn’t dress in a similar way

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Back when I was approximately 20 years old, I didn’t have any sense of style. I used to wear whatever seemed attractive to me, and I have never thought about matching the colours. And there I had a scholarship which was the reason to leave for Korea. That was a totally different country with totally different fashion. And my “fashion style” didn’t match with theirs. Due to that fact I became a tomboy, since I didn’t want to waste my time looking for the proper outfit. Consequently I chose an easy way, it means pullovers, snickers, caps, jeans every day.

However, during one of my weekends, I decided to buy a dress, which looked very girlish and fancy. I tried it on me. To my great surprise I looked elegant. From that moment, on that dress became my favourite one. My favourite blue dress, the dress which helped me to get rid of being tomboy.

When I wear my blue dress I feel very light and womanly, of course confident as well.

As you know people doesn’t dress in a similar way.

The reason that people dress differently can be various: it can be matter of mentality, religion, family believes and so on.

And in addition to this I would like to say that each person on earth is unique, consequently it is very hard to find people with the same exact taste. Therefore there is a proverb which can explain it “Ten men, ten tastes”.

The Older Generation

Elderly facts and figures

  • By 2050 more than 20% of the world will be more than 60 years old

  • In the UK 1.5 million people live on their own

Disadvantages of getting old

What can we do?

Now I will talk about the older generation

Initially, let me present you elderly facts and figures.

Population aging is happening more quickly than in the past. The number of elderly aged 60 years or older will rapidly rise up to 20 % by 2050. As you can see in the example in the UK more than a million elderly are leaving alone.

There are various disadvantages of getting old. Firstly, the reality of the situation is that aging is the process of adjusting to continuous changes. When a person retires from his or her company they loose most of their connections, friends with whom they were interacting everyday which causes lack of friends. In addition to facing retirement, aging people may experience the death of a spouse or family member, which also brings on feedings off sadness and loneliness.

Lastly, children grow up very fast in just a blink of eye and soon they leave their home for study, for work. As matter of fact loneliness is as bad as any other severe disease. Research shows that people who feel lonely have more health problems, feel worse and perhaps die sooner than from any other disease.

Besides all of these most elderly people have physical changes, so they cannot go out as much as they want.

However, we can avoid above mentioned negative aspects of being elderly senior. First step to make elderly people happy and help them to spend their time interactively is visiting them often. A simple phone call once a day from an adult child is an opportunity to share things from the day or about grandchildren. As for me the best way to is to leave with my grandparent. So we can be aware of their health every day. If there is no chance to leave with them together we can go to our grandparent often and call them several times in a day and every day. When our parents, our grandparents were young they did everything to support us and when we were helpless little children they didn’t leave us alone.

As a conclusion I want to say that humans evolved to be around others. And now as well there is no reason to leave each other alone especially elderly ones.

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