Article Review Guidelines

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Article Review Guidelines

Directions: After reading the assigned article, word process a four paragraph, one page review of the article. Follow the Auto tech “Style” sheet to format the paper including your name, date, program, AM or PM class. Paper is worth 50 point total, for full credit make sure you have four full paragraphs of at least 4 – 6 sentences each. Point will be deducted for incorrect spelling of automotive terms/word.

Name: _____________________________ Auto Tech PM Class

Date: ______________________________ Article Review Assignment

Title of Article

  • Title of paper: for example: Review of Bob McDonald’s article “Coming of Age: Dodge Cummins Diesel”

  • Second paragraph should contain your own evaluation of the article.

  • Third paragraph should be your explanation of how this article relates to what you are learning or have learned in auto tech.

  • Forth or closing paragraph should explain your overall reaction to the article. What did you learn from reading this article? Did the article reinforce what you have learned in auto tech so far? Do you agree with the author’s opinions (if applicable)?

Download 3.84 Kb.

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