Article Review Guidelines

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Article Review Guidelines

For the designated date, access a science article on my website, read the article, and then write a summary and personal reaction to the article as follows:


In your own words tell me what the article talks about. Refer to the article by name in your summary. Do not copy anything from the article in your summary. Write your summary as if you were talking to me about it, however, remember to keep your personal opinions out of the summary. Be as descriptive as possible without plagiarizing. When I read your summary I should have a good idea of what the article is about. Your summary should be in the 150 – 250 word range (a good paragraph or two at most).

Personal Reaction:

Now you can provide your personal opinion to the article. Tell me what you think. Did you like it or not, and why. Did the article move you or cause you to think about the subject in a different way than how you did before reading it? Will having read it cause you to change any behaviors or habits? Your reaction should also be in the 150 – 250 word range.

Both the summary and personal reaction should be on the same page, just put the heading of “Summary” and “Personal Reaction” on the line before your writings (just like it is on this page).

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