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bulletin and news.   Updated on August 17th(English version No.26)

The English version of the “Article 9 Association” bulletin and news in Japanese (No.92, dated August 10th , 2007) is published by Katsuyuki NARA and Sarah BROCK of the New English Teachers Association ( The translations are all on our own

For the 2nd national exchange meeting on November 24---

Submit your group’s Activities reports

The A9A secretariat is asking local and occupational groups to volunteer reports on their group’s activities. The first deadline for submissions is August 31st. Reports received will be carried in the A9A news and posted on the online magazine. (Note: forms for submitting reports can be found in “A9A news No.91”).

Local A9A group news

☆Kashiwara group in Osaka Prefecture

The group put up a huge signboard (5.4m x 1.5m) on the wall of a private home along one of the Kintetsu Railway lines, which reads “Spread Network of Article 9 --- World Treasure.” The phrase has become a topic of the town since it is visible from the nearest station’s platform and from the inside of trains.

The group erected a giant, 4 meter-long signboard on the bank of a paddy field, saying, “Article 9 is humanity’s treasure.” It has gained popularity among the citizens, as being called “The green letters are very striking with the Yatsugatake Mountain Range in the background.”

Occupational A9A group news

  • Women’s group in Fukushima Prefecture

The “Article 9 + 24” group sponsored a meeting to mark the 1st anniversary of its founding on July 1st. It was attended by about 300 women. A Korean essayist delivered a speech “Regain dignity of life out of war, violence, and discrimination!” She went on saying, “If we forget Article 9, war can occur before we know it.” (Note: in addition to supporting article 9 this group also supports the retaining of Article 24 which guarantees equality of the sexes.)

The “Defend Articles 9 and 25” group sponsored a lecture on July 1st by Journalist Otani Akihiro, who talked about the conditions in societies with widening wealth-gaps in his lecture, ‘Toward Japan without war forever’. About 480 people with visual and aural disabilities attended. Four representatives from handicapped citizens’ organizations also spoke about their ideas about Articles 9 and 25, and called on their fellow disabled people to expand their network. (Note: Article 25 provides ‘the right to maintain the minimum standards of wholesome and cultured living.’)

  • Kanagawa Prefecture officials’ group

The group (presently 340 members) held a “Peace gathering” in Yokohama on July 6th. Lawyer Goto Masahiko, who is involved in the campaign against deployment of U.S. atomic powered aircraft carriers, spoke about a possible radioactive incident and environmental hazards.

  • Odawara-Umenosato group in Kanagawa Prefecture

The group sponsored their second summer festival at a local temple on August 5th. More than 100 people attended. In the precincts of the temple, they held eight flea-markets, and a picture-card show. They also tolled a bell for peace.

☆ Yokohama Artists’ group

The group sponsored a “No-war Art Fair” August 6 through 12th, displaying 121 paintings and sculptures. On the first day, a Kanto Gakuin University professor delivered a speech “Where we stand today---Japanese awareness of history.”

  • Okayama artists’ group

The group sponsored its third art show “OKAYAMA 9” July 31st through August 5th. This year 28 artists placed their works on show.

☆ Nagara group in Gifu Prefecture

The group held a meeting of listening to wartime experiences and viola performance with the attending of 30 people. A former school principal told a story of being an army officer and helping to prevent the bombing of Himeji Castle from air raid toward the end of WWII.

The 4th Constitution Seminar

Theme “Don’t let Japan go to war again!”

  • Date: September 29th (Sat.) 1:30 – 4:30 p.m.

  • Venue : Kinro-fukushi Kaikan, Morioka

  • Lecturers : Okudaira Yasuhiro & Ikeda Kayoko

  • Admission : \ 1,000

  • Sponsors : A9A secretariat and Iwate group

(Note) Those wishing to participate are asked to apply

in advance to the secretariat.

Other relevant news of peace

Hiroshima and Nagasaki mark 62nd anniversary of atomic bombing tragedy

On August 6th Hiroshima sponsored peace memorial services for victims of the atomic bombing, and on August 9th Nagasaki followed suit. Mayors of both cities made peace declarations calling on world leaders to endeavor to get all nuclear weapons abolished.

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