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Art Journals / Compare Contrast

Throughout the semester a journal will be kept and created cataloguing one piece from each chapter theme, artist, or major style. Each entry must have a good copy of the work in color and no larger than 2” x 3” or smaller than 1” x 1“. Each page must be appropriately titled and labeled. On each page must be included the following topics and each topic must be answered fully- yes or no answers will NOT be accepted.

Each work must be fully identified. A fully identified piece must include the following information: 1-Name of the piece, 2-name of the artist(s), 3-style associated with, 4-size, 5-medium or media used, 6-the date or the century.

There are six (6) topics that must be covered for each piece and they are: Subject_Matter,_Function,_Artistic_Decision_Making,_Contextual_Analysis,_Cultural_Impact,_and_Comparison.'>Subject Matter, Function, Artistic Decision Making, Contextual Analysis, Cultural Impact, and Comparison.

Each of these topics has specific questions that have assigned for each set of images. You are REQUIRED to only use the questions provided.

  • Art Journal #4 Anavysos Kouros (Image 27), and Malanggan Mask (Image 222)

Subject Matter:

Subject- What does the work depict? Who is depicted in the work?



Was it created to commemorate the life of a famous person?


For whom was the work created?


Was the work originally intended to be located?

Artistic Decision Making:


Did the artist observe from nature or conform to archetypal forms?

Contextual Analysis:


How does the work reflect a cultural view of history and tradition?

How does the work reflect religious beliefs? Be Specific.

Cultural Impact:


Does the work provide a sense of cultural or national identity? Explain in detail.


What cultural similarities do these two images share and how is it expressed in these two works of art?

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