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The Professor's Monument
The Professor's Monument, which sits on the southeast corner of the Graduate Library, was created by William Peters and acquired by the University in 1846. It was erected in honor of Professor Joseph Whiting (1845); with panels added after the deaths of Professors Douglass Houghton (1845), Charles Fox (1854), and Samuel Denton (1860). It was originally placed in the designated "University Burying Ground" on the east side of campus but the burying ground was never occupied. The monument was moved several times but has been in its present location since 1918. The broken column signifies a life cut short. It is often referred to as a cenotaph, which is a monument to someone whose body is buried elsewhere. Plaques have been placed at the base of the monument that provide translations of the Latin inscriptions on the monument. [17]
The Professor's Monument is the second oldest structure on campus - the President's house is the only structure older.
For more information about sculptures on campus, visit the University Planner's Office website.

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