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1. This Act may be cited as the Parliamentary Powers, Privileges and Immunities Act 1976.
2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires -
"committee" means any standing, sessional, select or other committee of the Parliament;
"member" means a member of the Parliament;
"officer of the Parliament" and "officer" include -
(i) the Clerk;
(ii) a public officer authorised in writing by the Speaker to be or to act as an officer of the Parliament;
(iii) a person doing within the precincts of the Parliament under the order of the Speaker any act which an officer of the Parliament is or may be required to do by or under the provisions of this Act; and
(iv) any police officer on duty within the precincts of the Parliament;
"Standing Orders" means the standing rules and orders of the Parliament for the time being in force;
"stranger" means any person other than a member or an officer of the Parliament;
"the Clerk" means the Clerk of Parliament appointed by the Speaker in pursuance of Article 33 of the Constitution, and includes, while he is performing the functions of the Clerk, any other person appointed by the Speaker in pursuance of that Article to perform those functions during the absence of the Clerk;
"the Parliament" means the Parliament of Nauru established by Article 26 of the Constitution;
"the precincts of the Parliament" means the Chamber and offices of the Parliament and all places provided for the use or accommodation of members, officers or strangers, and includes, while the Parliament is meeting, and subject to any exceptions made by direction of the Speaker, the entire building in which the Chamber of the Parliament is situated, and any forecourt, yard, garden, enclosure or open space adjoining or appertaining to that building and used or provided for the purposes of the Parliament;
"the Speaker" means the person elected under Article 34 of the Constitution to be the Speaker of the Parliament and includes any other member when that other member is presiding at a meeting of the Parliament;
"votes and proceedings" means the minutes of the Parliament or the official record thereof.

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