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2. Incorporation.

(1) The Head of the Mission is a corporation by the name of the “Roman Catholic Mission of the Order of Friars Minor”.

(2) The corporation–

(a) has perpetual succession; and

(b) shall have a seal; and

(c) has power to acquire, hold, manage and control, and may grant, transfer, mortgage, demise, sell, dispose of, create or reserve easements in or over or otherwise deal with, property of any kind; and

(d) may sue and be sued in its corporate name.

3. Holding of Mission property.

The corporation shall hold all Mission property on trust to use and appropriate it, or permit the use and appropriation of it, for the purposes of the erection and maintenance of Mission houses, schools, convents, presbyteries, rest-houses and other buildings and in connection with or for the benefit or maintenance of the Mission or members of the Mission.

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