Armageddon war timeline

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Month 1: Hre'Daak ships leave PSU space after delivering their ultimatum (for the total surrender of the Pan-Sentient Union) and destroying a nearby moon. Primary contact is at Red Rocks System. Date is 2464, twenty-one years after the "Insurrection". PSU battlecruiser raided when Hre’Daak leave system, stealing its stellar database.
Month 2: Construction of New Beijing Chain defenses by PSU begin.
Month 3: Under severe pressure Skymarshal Ellen Devore resigns as head of PSU military forces, Iandahar Gomez replaces her. Massive Orion military forces begin to reinforce Terra Sector.
Month 4: Terran Republic agrees to sign a Defense Accord with the PSU after viewing the Hre'Daak's destruction of the Red Rocks moon. The Ophuichi begin moving their armed forces to support the PSU.
Month 5: A PSU naval commander in the Palma Sola District stumbles onto Hre'Daak scouting forces, which withdraws without communicating.
Month 7: Palma Sola begins building defenses down-chain. Admiral Godfree placed in command of the region. Terran forces reinforce the area.
Month 8: Galloway's World and other military shipyards hit full production. Reformation Group unrest.
Month 9: PSU fleet units in the Ivy Chain forces encounter Hre'Daak forces. PSU becomes increasingly alarmed. Orion forces divert to the Ivy Chain and Palma Sola.
Month 10: New Beijing Chain defenses finished. The 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 8th Fleets redeployed to Red Rocks.
Month 11: In an unprecedented move, Thebes and the Crucian Union declare neutrality in the upcoming conflict. The PSU is furious with the empire of “bats, bugs, and bears”. Ophuichi finish forward deployment into threatened PSU sectors. Commodore Javier Medina arrives in Red Rocks with the first PSU heavy carriers (CVH).
Month 12: Admiral Yevgeny Knox encounters Hre'Daak assimilation fleet at Hamyang. The "Armageddon War" begins.


Month 1: Battle of Hamyang (Jan. 13th) and Red Rocks (Jan. 14th), PSU fleet defenders massively crushed by far superior Hre'Daak weaponry.
Month 2: With the complete decimation of most of the Red Rocks fleet (80%), Ellen Devore is reinstated as Skymarshal for the "duration of the emergency" by PSU President Eleanor Maccoby, overriding her Prime Minister, Sun Cen. Massive fleet battles break out in Palma Sola, the Ivy Chain, and Orion space. PSU forces lose every battle.
Month 3: Admiral Noah House falls back to Esteel with the remains of 4th Fleet. Cut off from the main PSU fleet, Admiral Adam Troxel falls back to New Beijing with the tattered remains of 8th Fleet to regroup. Admiral Wang Yi (113th and 27th BatRons) regroups at New Idaho. The road is open to Terra. Main axis of Hre'Daak attack concentrates on Devon's World. Nova bombs first used at Nouveau Dijon and Devon's World, over 200 million killed.
Month 5: Pilgrim System bypassed by Hre’Daak. Nova bomb used against Quetzalcoatl defenders. High-population world Dhassa by-passed when it offers no resistance to invading Hre'Daak fleet.
Month 6: Planetary defenders on Kilimanjaro mass murdered by Hre'Daak "phase torpedo" (planet breaks apart). Kilimanjaro System apparently destroyed by nova bomb.
Month 7: New Kenya destroyed by nova bomb, tattered PSU fleet remnants fall back towards Terra.
Month 8: Uttar Pradesh and Kali destroyed by nova bomb (billions more perish). Hre'Daak assault on Leviticus halted by Admiral Knox using unconventional tactics (ramming at the warp point). Destruction of Rajasthan by nova bomb.
Month 9: Gujarat System destroyed by nova bomb, 6th Fleet (rushed forward from Terra) is destroyed in the blast; Admiral Iwo Mishima commanding.
Month 10: The Hre'Daak's first assault on the New Beijing System overwhelms the defenders, system destroyed by nova bomb, eradicating all life on this high-population world.
Month 12: Admiral Yi and Admiral Knox, in a rear-guard attack, begins the Battle of Balthasar's World. Hre'Daak second "axis" stopped.


Month 1: Slaughter of Alpha Centauri: battles between Hre'Daak and 12th Fleet (Admiral Doug Hatchett), 3rd Fleet (Admiral Jurgen Habernas), and 9th Fleet (Admiral Margaret Gruter) rage. Ninth Fleet is comprised mainly of Ophuichi and Republic forces. PSU and Alliance forces decimated. Hre'Daak warp out to Terra.
Month 2: Fall of Terra (planet turned into radioactive ball). Hre'Daak finally defeated in Centauri space.
Month 6: First PSU juggernaut completed, PSU breaks up.
Month 9: New Grand alliance signed. Tiamat lost.

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