Argumentative Essay Loyalist or Patriot Background

What happened to the loyalists after the war?

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What happened to the loyalists after the war?

Many loyalists moved to England after the war ended. A lot of them lost their fortunes and land that they had built up over years in the Americas. In some cases the British government paid them for their loyalty, but it was usually not nearly as much as they had lost. The United States government wanted the loyalists to stay. They felt the new country could use their skills and education. Few stayed, however.

Interesting Facts About Patriots and Loyalists

  • Other names for patriots included Sons of Liberty, Rebels, Whigs, and Colonials.

  • Other names for loyalists included Tories, Royalists, and the King's Friends.

  • Many loyalists lived in New York City. It was known as the Tory capital of America.

  • Not everyone picked a side. Many people tried to remain neutral so they could avoid conflict and the war.

  • Patriot towns created juries of men called "committees of safety". Patriots would swear an oath to these men in order to get a pass to travel freely through patriot controlled land.

  • Members of the Sons of Liberty wore a medal with a picture of a tree on it.

Grade Unit Two: Argumentative Task Scaffolding Activities

Argumentative essay topic: Would you have joined the Loyalist or Patriots during the Revolutionary War?

Task 1:

Throughout our unit of study students will have analyzed numerous source documents relating to the events leading up to and that took place during the revolutionary war. Students will use source documents to compare and contrast the positive and negative aspects that could be a result of aligning with a specific side. Students will be asked to cite textual evidence as they complete a t-chart entitled “The Pros and Cons of Picking a Side”. After completing the t-chart students will highlight the positive (pros) of these events. For the higher level students they will place the events in order by level of importance providing reasoning and justification to why they have placed the events in that order.

OSF: Positive things that were a direct result of aligning with the (loyalist of patriots) were ________________, _______________ and _______________.

OSF: Negative things that were a direct result of aligning with the (loyalist of patriots) ________________, _______________ and _______________.

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