Argumentative Essay Loyalist or Patriot Background

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Argumentative Essay

Loyalist or Patriot

Background: Various events of the 1700s led colonists to develop strong beliefs regarding the British government. The Trial of Peter Zenger, The Proclamation of 1763, the Boston Massacre combined with constantly changing taxes and rules that governed them made many think that self-governance was the best path for the colonies. Others felt that the King and his appointed officials had their best interests in mind and preferred to stay loyal to the crown. Later, during the American Revolution, most colonists took one side or the other. Either they were Patriots or loyalist. Patriots believed that the colonies should break away from England and govern themselves. Loyalist believed that the colonies should stay true, or loyal, to the king and to England. They were also know as Tories.

Task: During this activity, you will research the beliefs of the Loyalists and Patriots. You will then decide based on evidence and facts, if you would have been a loyalist or patriot during this time period based. Loyalists felt allegiance towards England and King George III while patriots felt strongly that the colonists should have the right to govern themselves. Decide which opinion you agree with and defend it in your essay. _________________________________________________________________

  • Helpful Hints:

    • “They Say”

    • “However, I say”

    • Thesis statement – the main point you will be making in your essay.

  • Body (why you are right) (2-3 paragraphs) each reason should be one paragraph

    • Important events/evidence that defend/support your stance on the topic.

  • Counter Argument (the reason why everyone who says differently is wrong) (1 paragraph)

    • Explains the opposing view and persuasively disproves it with evidence.

  • Conclusion (1 paragraph)

    • Restate you position.

    • Summarize your main points.

You must provide a bibliography (a list of where you got all your information).

The Revolutionary War split the people of the American colonies into two groups: the loyalists and the patriots.

Download 45.5 Kb.

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