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7. Future Developments

The IEE may be small but the new leadership is working hard to enable it to move from dependency to independency. There are signs of growing confidence despite living in a culture that, at times, still does not recognise their presence. Whilst in the eyes of the law they have equality this does not necessarily filter through in practice. There is evidence that Roman Catholic institutions have privileges not available to Protestants. For instance, RC can reclaim back VAT on buildings but Protestants can’t.

8. Evaluation

The few days taken to develop our relationships with IEE were important and worthwhile. The new leadership in the church is out-going and enthusiastic in its role.

They look forward to future collaborative work with us. I am grateful for the hospitality I received and for the openness in which various people shared their hopes and fears, their history and their visions for the future.

Colin Ride

Area Secretary - Europe

1 The Spanish Evangelical Church

2 Seminario Evangélico Unido de Teología

3 The Federico Fliedner Foundation

4 A copy of the 2003 Annual Report is available from the Europe Desk, WCO

5 April 2002 figures

6 “Our Strategy for the Future: For a Church and Mission

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