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Visit to Spain

By Colin Ride

Area Secretary, Europe

February 2004

This was my first visit to the Iglesia Evangélica Española1. It came from an invitation by Dr Pedro Zamora, Director of SEUT2.

1. Purpose

The purpose of the visit was to:

  • Meet the new leaders of the IEE

  • Visit the seminary in its new location in El Escorial

  • Become more familiar with the work of the church and the problems and opportunities they face

The visit concentrated on three locations – El Escorial (about one hour north of Madrid); Madrid and Barcelona

2. Programme

  • Sunday:

Preached in Madrid at Iglesia de Cristo & then met with the Revd Alfredo Abad, responsible for international relations

  • Monday:

Met seminary staff, in particular Mark Abbott and Jonathan Rowe, and had a further meeting with the Director, Dr Pedro Zamora and Revd Alfredo Abad

Visited Fundación Federico Fliedner3 – the El Porvenir school and bookshop. Hosted by Bettina Zöckler, Secretaria de Relaciones Institucionales

  • Tuesday:

Barcelona – met Mr Joel Cortés, President of IEE; Revd Enrique Capo, former IEE President; visited Bet-San, Residencia Evangélica para Ancianos and Centre Obert Moises, a children’s and young peoples project. Both are in St Colomo

  • Wednesday:

Visit to Juan de Valdés school in Madrid & the monastery at El Escorial

Evaluation of visit with Dr Pedro Zamora

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