Are the gods angry?

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Just this past Woden’s day, there was a very large thunder storm. This storm caused a great amount of damage. People all over the kingdom are wondering, “Is Thunor angry?” Everyone had better collect all of their charms, because these next few days may be very unlucky for people without them.

We don’t only give the king advice.


Unfortunately, King Redwald has passed on. His burial is being done today. Rumors are going around that he will have a ship, coins, clothes, armor, shields, drinking cups, shoes, a lyre, a gold belt buckle, a sword and a helmet buried with him. King Redwald was a great leader, may the gods let him rest in peace.


Everyone has been buzzing about the rumor of England’s end. A while ago there was a report that Cnut had taken the role of the king. The idea of a Viking ruling made people very angry. Some opinions stated that Cnut was not a terrible ruler, but everyone agreed that he left too much power for the earls. Now, the Norman Conquest is going on and people are worried that any more attacks on England will weaken the military and right now, the Normans are winning battles. In the Battle of Hastings, Harold was killed and it is looking very likely that William will take the position of king now. The events happening now make a Viking ruling sound good.


Because of his great ways, King Alfred is being called Alfred the Great! This name is being said for many reasons. First of all, Alfred fought the Vikings and made peace with them. Now, the Vikings have settled down and everyone is living in peace. He doesn’t only fight for the kingdom, though. King Alfred makes good laws for England to follow. He is fair, and makes good decisions when it comes to the kingdom’s protection. For example, Alfred has built warships and forts to protect everyone from the Vikings. He has also built walled towns for the same reason. Almost everyone in England can agree that Alfred the Great deserves to be the first “Great” king.

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