Architectural & Engineering Specification Pan Beam pb224

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Architectural & Engineering Specification Pan Beam PB224

Electronic steerable active loudspeaker system in slim aluminum housing.

The digital steerable column loudspeaker allows unobtrusive integration in existing application places offering the satisfaction of the highest demands on transmission quality. Special designed algorithms will control wide-band loudspeakers through an internal multichannel digital amplifier to achieve the distribution of exact acoustics energy where it is needed.

To control bandwidth, vertical dispersion and sound shall be controlled through a corresponding, easy to control, graphical user software.

The system should be a real wide band two-way system, equipped with 6 x 6,5” loudspeaker drivers and 18 x 1” high frequency drivers driven by 16 DSP amplifiers.

The system should be suitable for a wide range of different usage, from small areas up to the big public buildings. (Railway stations, Airports, City halls, Theaters, Music- and sports events)

Multiple Class-D Digital amplifiers with internal DSP's should allow the full control of each individual array element, optional AES-EBU inputs should prevent the usage of extra cross-over and secure a full digital signal-path with a minimum of latency and maximum of accuracy.

The capability of focusing and directing 2 Beams to achieve a uniform sound pressure level over the complete listening areas. Also EQ and output should be controllable externally.

For the usage in public buildings, a remote monitoring using Pilot-tone control and full error logging will be implemented.

Special designed Neodymium-loudspeakers will ensure a consistent playback over the listening area and create an accurate reproduction of music and speech. A wall mount plate will be included in the standard supply. For mobile use the system should not exceed a total weight of 26,5 kg, providing a lighter and easier mobile application.

The sound columns should have a rear extruded aluminum housings with perforated steel grill and be intended for both indoor and outdoor use. The protection class IP54 is optional.

The design of the housing should be RAL 9006 silver, optionally all other RAL colors should be available according to the customer requirements.

The system should be modular, based on 16 loudspeakers and amplifiers for each unit.

The modules should be cascade-able to achieve extensive applications in small as well as large public areas such as Railway stations and Airports.

Multiple 16-channel and class D digital amplifiers with internal DSP should offer full control to each individual Array element, optional AES-EBU inputs should avoid the necessity of extra converters and provide a fully digital signal path with minimum of latency, and maximum accuracy.
For use in public buildings remote monitoring a pilot-tone and error logging will be implemented.

The sound columns should have a rear extruded aluminum housings with perforated steel grille and be intended for both indoor and outdoor use. The protection class is IP54.

The design of the housing should be RAL 9006 silver, optionally all other RAL colors should be available according to the customer requirements.

For the connection of the two audio signals A + B, as well as the data a RJ45 connector should be present, the power supply will be via a fixed power cable.

The capability of importing and exporting EASE and CATT data.

The digitally controlled sound column should have the following technical features: the system without the amplifiers should have a sensitivity of 1,0V (for rated output power) with a frequency range 85 Hz - 19 kHz. Depending on the type, the system should have a maximum sound pressure, measured at 25 m from 106dB SPL (max). The radiation to this 150° horizontal (up to 3 kHz), 120° horizontal (from 3 kHz) and depending on the setting of 3° and 40 ° vertical range. The vertical angle should be adjustable from 70 ° to + 70 °. The typical throw should be up to 50 meters. The systems should have 16 amplifier channels, the dimensions to be 1115mm height x depth 224mm x 210 mm, the weight should be 26,5 kg. The power consumption is ideal to 20VA and 800VA at rated output power

The DSP-amplifier should have 16 channels and class D-amplifiers.

The frequency range at - 3 + 3dB, to ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, the total harmonic distortion < 0.01% typical, the noise ratio < 74dB. 5 Presets should be available.

The loudspeaker should be extend-able with following options;

. Automatic volume-control with Ambient noise recognition

. Rich variety of mounting accessories
. 100V input optionally

The loudspeaker should be the Pan Beam PB224

Technical data Pan Beam PB224

Active digital steerable loudspeaker with 6 implemented amplifier each offering a 100 watt maximal output power (low-mid) and 10 x 60 watt output power (high frequencies),

AD/DA converters
DSP for delay
5 fully parametric EQ's
Frequency crossover function
Remote controlled by software
Two line inputs with priority switching
Complex remote monitoring
multiple Beam-steering technology
Adjustable delay
RS484 network connection
The possibility of integration with media control systems.
Configuration: Full-range, 6 x 6,5” low frequency loudspeaker drivers, 18 x 1” high frequency drivers.

Operation mode: Active, 16 x digital amplifiers.

Acoustical performance:

. Frequency response : 85Hz – 19 kHz (+3/-6 dB).

. Horizontal opening angle 150° (up to 3kHz), 120° (over 3kHz).
. Vertical opening angle of 3° to 40° digitally variable.
. Focus distance adjustable, depending on the room-size.
. Aiming angle of -70° to +70° digitally variable.
. Focus distance of 5m to 60m
. Typical throw: 50m.
. SPL-limit (avg) 102dB SPL A-weighted, 25 m
. SPL-limit (peak) 131 dB SPL* @ 1m (calc.)
. Dynamic range : >92dB

* half space conditions

Electronic performance:

. Amplifier output: 6 x 100 watt max. (4 Ohm), 10 x 60 watt (4 Ohm)

. Amplifier type: Digital PWM
. Audio input: Transformer balanced, line level +4dBu
. Power handling: 230 or 110 Volt (+5/-10%)
. Power consumption: 20 VA (normal), 800 VA (max)
. Temperature range: 0° +40° C (optional -10°C + 50°C)

Mechanical performance:

. Housing: extruded aluminum.
. Grill: Powder coated, perforated steel
. Color: Aluminum, RAL9006
. Sizes: 1115 x 224 x 210 mm
. Weight: 26,5 kg

The power connection can optionally be via an installed power cord.

The wall-mount plate is included.

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