Arab-Israeli Wars leq’s to answer …

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Arab-Israeli Wars

LEQ’s to answer …

  1. What is the UN and why was it established?

  2. What led to the establishment of the modern state of Israel in 1948?

  3. What are the continuing conflicts between the Arabs and the Israelis?


  • Organization of countries around the world

  • Purpose – to help keep peace throughout the world!

  • UN – ____________ attempt at a world organization to help keep peace throughout the world!

Creation of Israel

  • End of WWII - Jews wanted a land of their own

  • Where? The Promised Land – promised to them by God - through Abraham!

  • Where was the Promised Land? Between Egypt and the Euphrates River!

  • Zionism began! This is an international Jewish movement that supported the creation of a Jewish nation!

  • However … Palestinians were already living here in the Promised Land! Why? Because of the promise to their ancestor - Ismael

  • UN’s plan of partition – to divide this land between the Jews and Palestinians

  • Israel gained its independence – May 14, 1948

Arab-Israeli Wars

  • 1st war – Israel’s War for Independence - 1948

    • Began – night of Israel’s independence – May 14, 1948

    • How long did it last? 8 months

    • Who won? Israel

    • What did they gain? Most of the land the UN had given to Palestinians

    • New problem … Palestinians NOW are a people without a country to call their own!

  • 2nd war – Suez War - 1956

    • ____________________________________'>_______________________________________'>_______________________________________ cuts off Israel’s access to the Suez Canal

    • War last 1 week!

    • _______________________________________ maintained control of Suez Canal

  • 3rd war – The 6-Day War – June 1967

    • Egypt, Syria, and Jordan begin to accumulate armies at Israel’s borders

    • ____________________________________ attacks first!

    • War lasted 6 days!

    • ____________________________________ wins – gains control of Sinai Peninsula and Palestinian territories!

  • 1972 Munich Olympic Games – Arabs killed _______________ Israeli athletes and their coaches

  • 4th war – Yom Kippur War – 1973

    • On one of the holiest __________________________________ holidays!

    • Arab countries get mad at US for supporting Israel, therefore, place an oil embargo against the US! This created a gas shortage here in America!

    • Israel wins!

    • War lasted ____________ days!

Terrorist groups today!

  • Hamas - Palestinian terrorist organization not recognized as terrorist group by some Arab countries – objective is to recover Palestine for Muslims – see Israel as an occupying force

  • Al-Queda - terrorist organization founded by Osama bin Laden and others – rooted in Soviet war in Afghanistan – recognized worldwide as a terrorist organization

  • ISIS or ISISLthe Islamic state of Iraq and Syria – a Sunni jihadist group that aims to establish an Islamic state in Sunni Arab-majority areas of Iraq – founder Abu Ayyub al-Masri

Palestinian Territories in Israel today!

People, places, and events to know …

  • UN - organization of countries around the world – purpose to keep peace

  • West Banks - Palestinian territory – located in Israel – borders west bank of Jordan River

  • Gaza Strip - Palestinian territory – borders Mediterranean Sea and Egypt

  • Sinai - peninsula located in Egypt

Words to know …

  • embargo - a trade barrier where a government stops trading with another country in order to force a political change with the other country

  • Zionism - a Jewish movement that resulted in the establishment of Israel

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