Arab-Israeli Conflict Vocabulary Benjamin Netanyahu

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Arab-Israeli Conflict Vocabulary

Benjamin Netanyahu:

Prime Minister of Israel. Leader of the Likud Party.
Mahmoud Abbas:

President palestinian national authority

chairman PLO, leader fatah
Ismail Haniyeh:

(Disputed) Prime Minister Palestinian National Authority. Sr. Leader Hamas
Arab League:

Regional org of arab states

Seeks to unify arab policy on issues, particularly israel
Declaration of principles:

(1993) est. interim self-government in gaza strip and west bank. transitional period was not to exceed five years.
Road Map:

(2003) Peace Plan drafted by the quartet – the US, EU, UN, and Russia.

Called for immediate cease-fire, a crackdown on palestinian militias, an israeli withdrawal from palestinian towns, and the dismantling of jewish settlements erected since 2001.

Golan Heights: Sinai Peninsula:

Occupied during the Six Day War (1967) Peninsula between Egypt Proper & Israel taken by israel

Provides fresh water and protection. during six Day War (1967). Returned to Egypt as part of the

Camp David Accords (1978).

West Bank: Gaza Strip:

Largest Occupied Territory. Primarily palestinian population with some Israeli

Primarily palestinian population with a settlement. Controlled by Hamas since 2007, frequent

Large number of israeli settlements Attacks on Israel have led to violence & economic blockade


Citizens of Israel

Primarily a result of immigration from Europe.


Arabs living in the area formerly known as palestine


Israeli Parliament

Housed in Jerusalem

Tzipi Livni

Current israeli opposition leader

Leader of kadima, largest party in knesset


israeli defense forces

Israel’s military


Palestinian liberation organization

formed 1964 with goal of creating a palestinian state


Palestinian national authority

interim self-government


“courage and bravery”

islamic fundamentalist group in occupied territories. claims responsibility for most terrorist activities against Israel, including suicide bombings. In control of Gaza since 2007 – refuses to recognize israel’s right to exist


Palestinian political party, Largest Faction of PLO

Maintains number of militant groups


uprising of palestinian youth in occupied territories

“Shaking off” israeli rule

Occupied Territories:

disputed areas of land controlled by israel as a result of war

israeli settlers/settlements:

israeli citizens who live and have businesses in small communities in the occupied territories, especially the west bank.

palestinian refugees:

750,000 palestinians who left/fled their homes during the first arab-israeli war

right of return:

supported by resolution 194

descendants of palestinians who fled israel in 1948 can claim a legal and moral right to return to their former homes in israel.


desire of jews in the diaspora for a homeland led to

migration of jews to the area called palestine

resolution 181:

established the partition of the area palestine into separate jewish and arab states

Resolution 242:

(1967) Declared TERRITORIAL ACQUISITIONS by war inadmissible. Called for the withdrawal of israeli armed forces from occupied territories.

Resolution 338:

(1973) Called for the implementation of resolution 242. Cease-fire to 1973 War, called for negotiations to start.

Security fence/The Wall:

border along west bank settlements to protect settlers from attacks, primarily suicide bombings. Additional fence along gaza strip border

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