Apwh winter Break Homework 2015-2016

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APWH Winter Break Homework 2015-2016

You will need to complete the following tasks over the Winter Holiday Break (December 19-January 5. Students return to school on January 6).

  1. Complete the Comp/Con SPICE chart relevant to the hints below. During the week of 1/11-1/15 you will write a practice timed Compare/Contrast essay in class.

    1. You will have 40 minutes to write your essay.

    2. You will compare/Contrast some aspect(s) of the Atlantic trade system with the Indian Ocean/S. Asia/E. Indies trade system between the years 1500 and 1800. You will not know anything more specific about the prompt before you write the essay.

  2. You will also need to complete the KQ/ID study sheets for Chapters 19 and 20. You will take a quiz over those two chapters on January 6 and 7.

APWH Chapter 19 Key Questions and Identifications

  1. When did the Ottoman Empire begin and end? What territories did it control at its height?

  2. How did the Ottoman Empire expand into a great empire?

  3. Who was Suleiman the Magnificent?

  4. Describe Ottoman and Portuguese conflict.

  5. Who were the Janissaries?

  6. What was the devshirme?

  7. What was the askeri?

  8. Summarize the “Crisis of the Military State 1585-1650”.

  9. Describe the decline of the Ottoman Empire in the late 1600s and early 1700s.

  10. Describe the significance of Izmir.

  11. Describe Ottoman economic and trade weaknesses.

  12. Describe the creation of the Safavid Empire.

  13. What influence did Persian culture and Shi’ism have on the Safavid Empire?

  14. How were Isfahan and Istanbul similar? How were they different?

  15. Who was Shah Abbas?

  16. Describe the economic and political factors that led to the decline and fall of the Safavid Empire.

  17. How was the Mughal Empire different from the Ottoman and Safavid Empires?

  18. Describe the establishment of the Mughal Empire. Why was it successful?

    1. Babur

    2. Akbar

    3. Mansabs

    4. Rajputs

  1. Describe Akbar’s views on religion and their consequences.

  2. Describe the decline and fall of the Mughal Empire.

  3. Why were the majority of non-European people involved in maritime trade Muslims? Why is this important?

  4. Describe Muslim influence in SE Asia.

    1. Mindanao

    2. Moros

    3. Acheh Sultanate

  1. What were the two varieties of Islam that spread in SE Asia? How did this help spread Islam?

  2. Describe the influence of Muslims on coastal Africa.

    1. Swahili

    2. Malindi

    3. Oman

    4. Morocco

  1. Describe Dutch influence in the East Indies. How did it change over time?

APWH Chapter 20 Key Questions and Identifications

  1. What was the relationship between daimyo, samurai, the emperor, and the shogun, in Japan which formed in the 12th C?

  2. Who was Hideyoshi? What influence did he have on Japan and Korea?

    1. Turtle boats

  3. Who was Tokugawa Ieyasu?

  4. What did the Tokugawa Shogunate do to improve the Japanese economy? How did business change?

  5. How did European contact influence Japan?

    1. Firearms

  6. Describe the rise and fall of Christianity in Japan.

    1. Jesuits b. “Dutch Studies”

  7. Describe the decline of the Japanese social elite in the 1700s, and changes in the status of merchants.

  8. What was the significance of the “Forty-Seven Ronin”?

  9. Describe changes in Chinese industry, manufacturing, and trade during the 1500s and early 1600s.

  10. Describe economic and political problems in the late Ming Empire.

    1. Influence of European Silver

  11. What factors led to the demise of the Ming Dynasty?

  12. How did the Qing Dynasty come to power?

  13. Describe Portuguese and Dutch trade with the Qing.

  14. In what ways and why were Jesuit missionaries successful in Qing China? Who was Matteo Ricci?

  15. Describe the achievements of the Emperor Kangxi.

    1. Relations with Russia

  16. How did Chinese contact with Europeans influence China?

  17. How did Chinese contact with Europeans influence Europe?

    1. Medical practice

    2. “Chinese” goods

    3. Qing political philosophy

  1. Describe the importance and influence of the tea trade.

    1. Silver

    2. Mccartney mission

  1. Describe economic, social, and environmental issues faced by the Qing Dynasty.

  2. How did Moscow become the center of Russian power?

  3. Describe the establishment of Muscovy.

    1. Golden Hoard

    2. Ural Mountains

Tsar (czars

)What major problems prevented Russian expansion? Why did they expand in the direction of Siberia?

  1. Who were the Stroganovs?

  2. What did the Russians and the Chinese have in common?

  3. Describe changes in Russian society to 1725.

    1. Cossacks

  4. How did the Romanovs rise to power?

  5. How did serfdom change in Russia?

  6. How did Peter the Great change Russia?

    1. Wars with Ottoman Empire

    2. Travels to W. Europe

    3. St. Petersburg


aWhat was Catherine the Great’s influence on Russia?

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