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World War II and the Early Cold War, 1941-1960”

  1. Area of Emphasis: The 2nd World War; the home front during the war; Truman and the early Cold War; Eisenhower and Modern Republicanism; the 1950s

  1. Text Readings: Brinkley. American History. Ch. 28-30

  1. Key Terms: Each term below contributes to a comprehensive understanding of American history. As you read the chapter and create an outline be sure these items are included in your outlines, you may even want to highlight them in your outline. Once you finish reading and outlining a chapter look over the terms on this reading guide for that chapter and highlight the TOP TEN TERMS a student absolutely could not live without if they were trying to understand this chapter.

Chapter 28

Chapter 29

Chapter 30

Gen. Douglas MacArthur

National self-determination

Baby boom

Admiral Chester Nimitz

Teheran Conference

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