Apush period two study guide: I. Colonization/Native Americans

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I. Colonization/Native Americans:

  1. Describe the relationship the English, Spanish, and French had with the Natives.

  2. Summarize and explain the significance of major battles the Europeans had with the Natives in the New World.

II. Development of the 13 Colonies:

  1. Describe the FIRST English settlement in the New World. Why did it fail?

  2. Summarize the early settlement at Jamestown- Why did struggle in its first few years?

  3. Define/Explain- “Starving Time”

  4. Explain how Jamestown was saved- what made it successful?

  5. Describe the first government of Jamestown.

  6. What two things happened in 1619?

  7. Describe the Pilgrims’ settlement.

  8. Describe the Massachusetts Bay Colony

  9. Explain the reasons for settlement and leader of each of the 13 colonies.

  10. Summarize the overall reasons for why settlers came to the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies.

  11. Describe the climate/soil/geography in each region and how it impacted the region’s economy.

  12. Describe the social structure of each of the 3 regions.

  13. Describe the government in each of the 3 regions.

  14. Explain how religion impacted the settlement of each region.

  15. Summarize the development of slavery in America. (include 1619, Bacon’s Rebellion)

Terms to know:

  1. Spanish Armada

  2. Roanoke

  3. Headright System

  4. Bacon’s Rebellion

  5. Stono Rebellion

  6. Triangular Trade

  7. Middle Passage

  8. Mayflower Compact

  9. William Bradford

  10. Massachusetts Bay Colony

  11. John Winthrop

  12. City upon a hill

  13. Great Migration

  14. Town hall meetings

  15. Cambridge Platform

  16. Quakers

  17. Restoration colony

  18. Anne Hutchinson (antinomianism)

  19. Roger Williams

  20. Half-Way Covenant

  21. Salem Witch Trials

  22. Pequot War

  23. King Philip’s War

  24. Dominion of New England

  25. Zenger Case

  26. Royal Colony

  27. Proprietary Colony

  28. Charter Colony

  1. V. Free Response Questions: Be prepared to answer these questions. Prepare a thesis for each of the questions, outline your supporting arguments, and include a list of specific factual information you could use in your essay.

  1. Early encounters between American Indians and European colonists led to a variety of relationships among the different cultures. Analyze how the actions taken by BOTH American Indians and European colonists shaped those relationships in TWO of the following regions. Confine your answer to the 1600s.

  1. New England

  2. Chesapeake

  3. Spanish Southwest

  4. New York and New France

  1. Although New England and the Chesapeake region were both settled largely by people of English origin, by 1700 the regions had evolved into two distinct societies. Why did this difference in development occur?

Directory: cms -> lib4 -> VA01000195 -> Centricity -> Domain -> 12378
12378 -> Focus on the thesis as a group read the question and the following theses. Next, use the provided rubric to score each thesis. Be prepared to discuss with the class the scores you gave each thesis. Question
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