Apush period 7: 1890-1945 (American Pageant Chapters 28-34)

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A) Some Progressive Era

journalists attacked what they

saw as political corruption,

social injustice, and economic

inequality, while reformers,

often from the middle and

upper classes and including

many women, worked to effect social changes in cities and among immigrant populations

B) On the national level,

Progressives sought federal

legislation that they believed

would effectively regulate the

economy, expand democracy,

and generate moral reform.

Progressive amendments to

the Constitution dealt with

issues such as prohibition

and woman suffrage.

C) Preservationists and

conservationists both

supported the establishment

of national parks while

advocating different

government responses to the

overuse of natural resources.

D) The Progressives were

divided over many issues.

Some Progressives supported

Southern segregation,

while others ignored its

presence. Some Progressives

advocated expanding popular

participation in government,

while others called for greater

reliance on professional and

technical experts to make

government more efficient.

Progressives also disagreed

about immigration restriction.

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