April Morning "Afternoon" (pgs. 3-24)

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April Morning

“Afternoon” (pgs. 3-24)

  1. As the story opens, how does Adam feel about Moses, his father? Why?

  1. How does Moses feel about Adam, his older son? Why?

  1. From whose point of view is the story told?

  1. What is Adam’s reaction to Levi?

  1. What is Levi’s reaction to Adam?

  1. How does Moses feel about the “hex” on the well water?

  1. Why didn’t Adam tell Mother that he was told to bring her water?

  1. Explain the relationship between Granny and Adam. Why is this relationship important?

  1. Why is there an extra place setting at the Cooper dinner table?

  1. What was the purpose of each Massachusetts town’s Committee meetings?

  1. Who is chosen as the spokesperson for the Lexington Committee?

  1. Who might have been a better choice? Why?

  1. Why does Moses deny Adam permission to attend the Committee meeting?

  1. What is Adam’s reaction?

  1. How does Granny comfort Adam?

“Evening” (pgs. 27-47)

  1. What does Mother admire most about her husband Moses’ personality?

  1. Why is Ruth Simmons important to Adam Cooper?

  1. How does Moses feel about slavery? What is Joseph Simmons’ personal stand on slavery?

  1. What is Adam complimented for at the Simmons’ home when he visits Ruth?

  1. How is the topic of “marriage” discussed by Ruth and Adam?

  1. Adam apologizes to old Mrs. Spencer that evening. What does this act imply/suggest about Adam?

  1. When Ruth and Adam argue, how does Adam put an end to the argument?

  1. Why is Adam now upset with Levi?

  1. Explain Levi’s feelings about guns and fighting. Whom would he kill with his rifle?

  1. Why does Adam mention to Ruth his plans about joining the navy?

  1. What is Ruth’s reaction to this plan?

  1. Based on what you know of Adam so far, what do you think he wants or needs from his father?

  1. What does Adam overhear in his parents’ conversation? Why is it important?

“Night” (pgs. 51-78)

  1. Explain Levi’s dream.

  1. What did Levi hear in the night?

  1. What is the messenger’s proclamation to the people?

  1. Why did Adam disobey his mother? Who agreed with Adam?

  1. Explain the four different approaches these men have in order to deal with the British advance:

Jonas Parker

Moses Cooper

The Reverend Jonas Clarke

Sam Hodley

  1. Where was the Muster book signed?

  1. What is Adam’s concern about signing the Muster book?

  1. What is the purpose of Cousin Simmons assuring Adam that Moses’ “bark was louder than his bite?”

  1. What provisions were to be brought by each man?

  1. Describe what occurred when Adam registered for battle.

  1. What are Moses’ concerns when Adam registers?

  1. What are Mother’s concerns when Adam registers?

  1. What promise did Cousin Simmons ask of Adam?

  1. Why was it very important for Adam to overhear his parent’s conversation again?

  1. Why did Moses question so harshly Adam’s relationship with Ruth? What was he trying to teach him?

  1. Why did Moses demand to see Adam load his gun?

  1. What were Moses’ orders to the family as he left?

  1. Describe the conversation between Adam and Granny.

  1. How was Granny’s farewell to Moses different from her farewell to Adam?

  1. Give an example of a simile (from pg. 75) and explain what the simile means.

“The Morning” (pgs. 81-108)

  1. What changed in Lexington from April 18th (the evening) to the 4am muster on April 19th?

  1. What happened between Moses and Adam on route to the Common?

  1. What famous men were staying at the Reverend’s house that evening?

  1. Who was chosen as the spokesperson for the Lexingtonites before the Battle of Lexington? Why was this person chosen?

  1. Describe how the men of Lexington line up. How was this to “fool” the British?

  2. Who was Jonathan Harrington? What was his role at Lexington?

  1. Who fired the first shot of the Revolutionary War?

  1. According to the novel, April Morning, who was the first victim?

  1. What happened to Adam? What happened to the other men?

  1. Why did Adam go to the smokehouse? Who found him there?

  1. Why was Granny so upset?

  1. Why was Levi so upset with Adam?

  1. How do Adam and Levi react to each other? What does this tell you about their relationship?

  1. What is Adam’s reaction when Levi leaves him alone?

“The Forenoon” (pg. 111-128)

1. What noise woke Adam in the smokehouse? Why did they leave?
2. Describe Solomon Chandler.
3. What does Solomon Chandler say to Adam about grief and tears? (pg. 115)
4. Why does Adam consider all of the men of Lexington cowards?
5. What is Solomon’s reply to this?
6. Why does Solomon demand that Adam “look hard” at the British?
7. Why will it be a harder trip for the British to return from Concord?
8. What kinds of things does Adam recall about his father now?
9. Who are some of the men that Adam meets up with that he presumed were dead?
10. Although Adam has never smoked before, he takes the pipe that is offered to him. Why do you think he takes it? What could it symbolize?

“The Midday” (pgs. 131-156)

1. Who is Adam more afraid of—God or his dad? According to his dad, who is scarier than God?
2. What is Israel Thatcher’s job?
3. How does Cousin Simmons assess his daughter’s strength? Why does this surprise Adam?
4. What did the British find when they arrived at Concord? How did they act?
5. What are Solomon Chandler’s instructions to a young rider coming from Concord?
6. How do the other men seem to feel about Solomon Chandler?
7. Why did Solomon divide the men according to the weapon carried? What was their plan of attack? (pg. 138-139)
8. What advice does Solomon Chandler give Adam concerning his gun and when to shoot? (pg. 139)
9. Why do you think the Redcoats didn’t run after any of the colonial men?
10. It is clear that Adam’s feelings about Solomon Chandler change as the story progresses. What was his first reaction to him? How does he see him now?

“The Afternoon” (pgs. 159-187)

1. According to Cousin Simmons, the war would never end until the British…
2. Why was the battle so frustratingly futile for the British? (pg. 164-165)
3. Amid all the noise of the battle, what did Adam do?
4. What woke Adam? (What was missing?)
5. Whom did Adam overhear? What was the content of their conversation?
6. What did Adam think he’d find when he returned home?
7. What do you think Adam means when he says, “We had won the battle, but there is less joy in winning a battle than the history books tell you.”
8. How did Levi react when Adam returned? What did he think happened to Adam?

9. What large responsibilities does Adam tell Levi they now have? (pg. 176)

10. According to Levi, what are some of the things the Redcoats did to the houses/people/town when they came back? (pg. 178-179)
11. What are some of the things people do to comfort the grieving Cooper family?
12. What does Cousin Simmons mean when he says to Adam (about Moses), “…if you recollect him as a saint, you will lose him.” What is he trying to say to him?
13. Why will the Committee be opening the muster book again?
14. Cousin Simmons isn’t sure whether or not he will sign the muster book again. What are two reasons Cousin Simmons gives for his hesitation?

“The Evening” (pgs. 191-202)

1. What has Adam now surrendered to the past?
2. What is food a tribute to?
3. How has the relationship between Adam and Levi changed? How does Levi regard Adam now?
4. Why did mother want candles to burn near Moses’ coffin?
5. What does Adam notice about Granny as she sat at the table tying the candles? Why has this change taken place?

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