April 5, 2005 Dear Sacramento hmpc member

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April 5, 2005
Dear Sacramento HMPC Member:
FEMA Region IX has approved the Sacramento County DMA Plan. This is due, in large part, to your continued participation in the planning process, so Thank You ---- and Congratulations!
Now, one more task remains as part of your participation, and that is getting your organization’s governing board to officially “adopt” the plan.
Formal adoption must occur in order for your organization to earn eligibility for FEMA mitigation program funding. Upon adoption, we will collect, scan, and add all of the adoption resolutions to the plan document (probably as a CD) and re-submit it to CA-OES and FEMA for final, official approval.
Those organizations that fail to adopt the plan will not be eligible for future FEMA mitigation funding. Those that adopt the plan will not be penalized by those who do not.
In this subfolder with this letter are two other documents, FEMA’s approval letter and a “model” Adoption Resolution for you to modify for your governing board.
You now need to get the “Plan Adoption” on the agenda of the next meeting of your governing Board. Most, by now, should be expecting this. You now also need to download, print and distribute as many “hard copies” of The Plan as your Governing Board will need in order to conduct a review of the document prior to be asked to adopt it. This is a “yea or nay” adoption. We are not seeking or accepting any further revisions.
The deadline for your Adoption Resolution to be passed and returned is Friday, May 27.
Return a clean copy of your signed resolution to Tami Randolph, Sacramento Emergency Operations Office with the Sheriff’s Department. You can reach Tami at 916-874-4670, or by email at mailto:trandolph@sacsheriff.com
Thank you for your continued support!
Clancy Philipsborn, Technical Director

Hazard Mitigation Emergency Management Programs

AMEC Earth & Environmental – Denver


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