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SOS Children’s Villages India Continue Relief Measures To Support Earthquake Victims In Gujarat

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SOS Children’s Villages India Continue Relief Measures To Support Earthquake Victims In Gujarat

The earthquake on January 26 caused massive loss in terms of life and property in Gujarat, especially in Bhuj and Ahmedabad. The death toll has risen to around 30,000. It is believed that more than a 100,000 people are still under the debris.

According to SOS Children's Villages India, the lack of appropriate machinery is hindering the work to help the survivors. They are especially concerned with the children who suffer most from the disaster. A relief team of SOS Children's Villages India has been assessing the situation in Ahmedabad. It is now working in close co-ordination with the government to organise immediate help for children who have lost their relatives in the natural disaster.
25 Child Relief Centres are currently being set up in the worst affected Kutch area. These centres will operate for at least one month and look after children who have lost their families or temporarily do not have anyone to look after them. A main Relief Centre will operate in Ahmedabad for a minimum period of six months to assist children who require longer care. Efforts will be made to relocate the children in their own families. The SOS Children's Villages facilities will provide for children who need permanent care.
SOS Children's Villages India also supports small villages to help rebuild shelters for the families whose homes have been totally destroyed. It will also take part in setting up a government organised emergency camp in Bhuj, the epicentre of the quake situated 400 km west of Ahmedabad (more information on the web: http://www.soscvindia.org/latest_new.htm).

For further information please contact: Claudia Schachinger, Liaison Office, SOS-Kinderdorf International, Billrothstraße 22, A-1190 Vienna, Austria, Phone: 43-1-368 24 57-20, Fax: 43-1-368 89 18, Email: Claudia.Schachinger@sos-kd.org, Web: http://www.sos-kd.org/ or

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