April 2001, No. 39 Deadline for contributions: 20 May 2001

Families As We Are, Conversations From Around The World

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Families As We Are, Conversations From Around The World

Perdita Huston, a journalist/author specialised in giving voice to those from whom we don't ordinarily hear, and long-time UN consultant, received grants from five specialised agencies (UNICEF, UNDP, UNIFEM, UNFPA and UNEP) plus the IYF Secretariat in 1994 in order to travel to eleven countries and interview three generations of families of differing socio-economic backgrounds. The idea was to capture the experience/opinions of families as they spoke about family and the changes that have taken place in their lifetime in family structure and relationships. Ms Huston interviewed families in Japan, Bangladesh, Thailand, China, Mali, Uganda, Egypt, Jordan, El Salvador, Brazil and the United States. The conversations touched upon the entire range of UN agencies' mission: children, ageing, environment, demographic issues, indigenous people, human rights, refugees, the status of women, development, etc. The book is to be released in April 2001 by the Feminist Press at the City University of New York and plans are being made to involve the representatives of the UN agencies in launching the book on the International Day of the Family, 15 May. Mr. Henryk Sokalski, now based in Washington DC, is one of those who will contribute comments on the book.

For further information, please contact: Ms Lisa London, Email: llondon@gc.cuny.edu

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