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World Assembly Of The International

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World Assembly Of The International Confederation Of Christian Family Movements

Maceio, State of Alagoas, Brazil, 25-29 July 2001

On the theme ‘Ethics of Life in a Globalised and Excluding World’.

Contact: Jose and Margarita Pich, World Presidents ICCFM – CIMFC, Phone/Fax: 93-540-2007, Email: lamarkis@adam.es
4th International Conference On The Prevention And Treatment Of Dependencies: ‘Science Meets Practice’

Heidelberg, Germany, 2-6 September 2001

Organised by the International Council on Alcoholism and Addictions (ICAA). Topics include: Diversification of Treatment and Management – changing paradigms; Addiction Research and Practice – across five continents; Smoking as a Habit and Addiction – the public health problem; Occupational Health, Substance Use, Productivity and Profit - relationship; round table on ‘Abstinence and substance use – a health issue?’. Besides these main topics, it is planned to address in approx. 20 sections and special events all issues of addiction related subjects, among these a youth forum and an extensive exhibition forum. Simultaneous translation of the core programme in English/French/German will be provided.

ICAA is also seeking sponsorship from journalists/publication houses that play an important role in the dissemination of information in the field of substance and addiction. The sponsorship scheme can be obtained from the address below.

Contact: ICAA, P.O. Box 189, CH-1001 Lausanne, Switzerland, Phone: 41-21-320 9865, Fax: 41-21-320 9817, Email: secretariat@icaa.ch, Web: http://www.icaa.ch or http://www.fachklinikeiterbach.de

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