April 2001, No. 39 Deadline for contributions: 20 May 2001

Stockholm, Sweden, 17-20 June 2001

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A Question Of Time: Partners, Parents: Perceptions And Priorities
Stockholm, Sweden, 17-20 June 2001

The International Commission on Marriage and Interpersonal Relations (ICMIR) will devote its Year 2001 International Conference to a multi-disciplinary examination of the ways that family relationships are affected by the different concepts and uses of time found throughout the world. Keynote speakers will explore the subject in terms of individuals' relationships, family structures, and the wider society. Workshops will address related issues arising from legislation, social policy, employment practices, migration, cultural diversity, children’s' welfare, and approaches to relationship therapy. The conference participants, themselves leaders in their professional fields, will extend the work of the Conference through their involvement in multi-national, inter-disciplinary group activity. This is ICMIR's 48th International Conference and it carries the Commission's work forward by once again providing a unique forum for the members of all those professions concerned with the welfare of people in their family settings.

Contact: Mrs. Gerlind Richards, General Secretary, ICMIR, 4 Barnfield Wood Close, Beckenham, Kent BR3 6SY, United Kingdom, Phone: 44-20-8663 0445, Fax: 44-20-8663 0445/8313 3247, Email: richards@icmir.fsnet.co.uk

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