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Grandparenting In The 21st Century

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Grandparenting In The 21st Century

London, United Kingdom, 14 March 2000

A major one-day conference organised by the Family Policy Studies Centre (venue: Royal Institute of British Architects, 66 Portland Place, London W1N 4AD).

Purpose of the conference: In its consultation paper, Supporting Families, the Government called for the greater involvement of grandparents in supporting their children and grandchildren. However, while over 80 per cent of those aged 20 in Great Britain have a living grandparent, little is known about grandparents, their roles and diversity, and whether they are prepared to provide more support for their families. The first national conference on grandparenting in Britain will examine what is currently known about grandparents: who they are, what they do, the extent and type of help that they provide for their families and their satisfaction with their role. The growing concern about the legal rights of grandparents in circumstances where family breakdown has occurred will also be considered, and future directions for both research and policy identified. The conference will:

  • hear key findings about grandparents in Britain from recent nationally representative surveys: the British Social attitudes survey, the ONS Omnibus Survey and the Fourth National Survey of Ethnic Minorities;

  • compare current policy and research in Britain and the USA;

  • examine the personal and legal implications for grandparents of the separation or divorce of the parents of their grandchildren, or of their grandchildren going into care;

  • discuss current initiatives to encourage intergenerational exchange and support, for example, TransAge Action;

  • examine the importance of grandparenting as a positive contribution by older people to society.

Contact: Gabrielle Dakhama, Family Policy Studies Centre, 9 Tavistock Place, London, WC1H 9SN, United Kingdom, Phone: 44-20-7388 5900, Fax: 44-20-388 5600, Email: fpsc@mailbox.ulcc.ac.uk

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