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National Conference On Stepfamilies

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National Conference On Stepfamilies

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 22-24 February 2001

Learn from the foremost authorities on stepfamily research and practice. Gain more knowledge for your work with stepfamilies; become sought-after as a professional who understands stepfamily issues and can provide support for concerns unique to stepfamilies. If you are a stepfamily member yourself, you will learn practical strategies and techniques to make your family life richer, healthier, more well informed. Issues covered will include law, custody, finances, emotions, psychotherapy, schooling/education, children, spiritual needs.

Further information: Stepfamily Association of America, Phone: 1-617-469 6789 ext. 22, Fax: 1-617-469 3055, Email: PIRIDC@mail.com, Web: http://www.edupr.com/stepfam.html
Strengthening Families And Youth: Strategies For Success

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA, 25-28 February 2001

Clemson University, Clemson Co-operative Extension Service, College of Health, Education and Human Development and the Department of Family and Youth Development are sponsoring this conference. Speakers, workshops and exhibits will showcase programs and curriculum that focus on families and youth.

Further information: Dr. Deborah J. Thomason, Email: dthmson@clemson.edu, or Dr. Brenda J. Thames, Email: bthames@clemson.edu, Web: http://fyd.clemson.edu/SFY.htm

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