Approaches to Strategic Planning

E-tivity : Case study: Thinking about Strategic Planning

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E-tivity : Case study: Thinking about Strategic Planning

Task: Read the case study under appendix 2 on strategic planning.
Consider the suggestion made in the Case Study that, at this stage in their development, the group would benefit from having a Strategic Plan in place.
Think about the following questions and post your thoughts into the discussion board
for this e-tivity:

  • What would the group gain through this process?

  • What could their starting point be?

  • What difficulties do you think they might encounter?

Respond: Review the responses of your course colleagues and respond to
at least two other answers. You may refer to your own experiences of strategic
planning in relation to those of others.

Length: Please try to fit your responses within a two or three paragraph limit.



  1. Drucker, P. F., 1993. The Five Most important Questions You Will Ever Ask about Your Nonprofit Organization. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. p. viii.)

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