Approaches to Strategic Planning

Unit Six: Resourcing the organisation (Procurement)

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Unit Six: Resourcing the organisation (Procurement)

Has the organisation taken steps to ensure it is prepared for, and has adequate systems in place for, successful tendering? What training / support do trustees and staff need to prepare successful tenders? If the organisation has decided not to pursue tender opportunities, is there a plan in place to secure the future of projects and services through other funding sources?

Unit Seven: Managing Performance

How does your organisation review and evaluate the strategic planning process? How can you ensure the plan remains a live document? Who needs to be involved in reviewing the strategic plan?

Unit Eight: Promoting the work of your organisation

Does your organisation have a marketing strategy? How could this be improved? What changes may your organisation need to make to the way services are marketed in the future (consider key drivers)? How does the organisation communicate key messages from the strategic planning process to stakeholders?

Appendix 2

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