Approaches to Strategic Planning

Mission and Vision Statements

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Mission and Vision Statements

  • The Organisation:

    1. Critical Issues and Strategies - this section should be based on the environmental analysis as well as the internal and organisational issues which have been identified.

    2. Aims and objectives - the goal-setting and action-planning section, which should explain how aims will be realised in practical terms, and how their progress will be monitored. This section should outline and detail for each separate project area if the programme activity is extensive.

    3. Management of the strategy - another key perspective on the organisation's strategic and operational planning.

    4. Appendices - this section can contain further detail and evidence to support the contents of the Plan.
      Some readers may need this level of detail, but using appendices gives all readers the choice.

    A glossary of key terms used within strategic planning can be found at:


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